The University of Iowa

Show Us the World Through Your Eyes 2009 Photo Contest

2009 American Views Abroad Winners

1st Place

Colleen Packard – “Stirling Castle ”
Photo taken near Stirling Castle, Stirling Scotland
Studied abroad in Scotland

2nd Place

John Hennigan – "La Corrida de Toros"
Photo taken in Plaza de Toros de las Ventas in Madrid, Spain
Studied abroad in Spain

3rd Place

Nicolas Aguilar – "The Last Boat of the Night"
Photo taken in Paris, France
Studied abroad in Spain

Popular Choice

Zandra Feig – "Sakura"
Photo taken in Nakameguro River in Tokyo, Japan
Studied abroad in Japan


2009 International Students Views of the US Winners

1st Place

Mitul Sarkar – "Garden of the Gods, National Natural Landmark"
International student from India
Photo taken in Colorado Springs, USA

2nd Place

Alina Haliliuc – "Lunch in China Town"
International student from Romania
Photo taken in San Francisco, CA

3rd Place

Yi-Ting Lin – "A New Journey"
International student from Taiwan
Photo taken in Chicago, IL

Popular Choice

Makur Jain – "Frozen in Time"
International student from India
Photo taken in Iowa City, IA, USA


"International Ink" 2009 Essay Contest

First Place

“A Providence Moon”
Kendra Greene
On getting sunburned in a couple different countries
Studied abroad in Australia

Second Place

“A Colorful Family”
Crystal Alft
On issues of racism in South Africa
Studied abroad in South Africa

Third Place

“Playing Pitz”
Sarah Viren
On her time in Latin America, particularly on the coup in Honduras this past summer
Studied abroad in Antigua, Guatemala

The 2009 essays can be found in PDF format here.