Study Abroad Photo and Video Contests

During the fall of 2016, Study Abroad will host two contests -- photo and video -- for study abroad returnees. More information on these individual contests can be found below. Prizes are awarded via the student’s UBill. Feel free to enter both the photo and video contests.

Entrants and winners will be notified via email and a public announcement will be made. Questions about this process or the contest in general can be sent to

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: October 31, 2015, at 5:00 p.m.

2016 Study Abroad Photo Contest:

Entry form for the 2016 Study Abroad Photo Contest

The photo contest is open to UI students that have or are currently studying abroad. Applicants may submit up to two photographs overall (either two in one category or one in each). All photos must have been taken outside the U.S. We will select one winning photo from each category and a third overall Grand Prize winner. Please read the following category descriptions closely to determine where your photo submissions belong:

CATEGORY 1: Student experiences

How did you choose to experience study abroad? Show us those once-in-a-lifetime activities that you never would have been able to do in Iowa. Did you and your friends tour a castle, ride a camel, zip-line through the rainforest or eat lunch on the patio of a French cafe? Feel free to get creative- let's see what you did as a UI student abroad! All photos submitted to this category must feature at least one study abroad student.

CATEGORY 2: Exploring local cultures and traditions

For this category we are looking for photos that show some of the customs and traditions unique to the areas you studied or visited abroad. Show us an image that captures the essence of your host country for you. From the dragonboat races of Hong Kong to the street vendors of Morocco, be sure to look beyond the landmarks. We want to know the people and customs that make your host country what it is.

Please note that the use of copyrighted material not owned by the photographer will be grounds for immediate disqualification. 

Prize amounts:

Overall grand prize: $150
First prize, Student Experiences: $100
First prize, Exploring local cultures and traditions: $100

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2015 Study Abroad Video Contest:

video contest

Entry form for the 2015 Study Abroad Video Contest

The video contest is open to UI students that have or are currently studying abroad. Applicants may submit a single video between 90 seconds and three minutes in length. We want you to give us a personal, reflective look into some aspect of your study abroad experience.

Possible subjects might include:

  • cuisine of your host country
  • the biggest cultural differences you faced
  • tips for future study abroad students
  • an introduction to your host city
  • top ten lessons you learned abroad

Here are two examples of videos we like. Creativity is encouraged!

Prize amounts:

Grand prize: $200
Runner up: $150

See last year's winners

Media release

Please note that all entrants must agree to the terms and conditions of International Programs' media release policy included in the contest submission forms.