The University of Iowa

Campus & Community Programs

Every Iowan needs to be globally competent in order to understand, compete and enjoy life in the 21st century. International experiences are just around the corner when you connect with International Programs (IP) at the University of Iowa.

IP’s International Classroom Journey pairs international speakers with curious students in K-12 classrooms to explore anything from daily life in the speaker’s home country to cultural traditions, religion, and human rights. We provide schools and community groups with culture kits and country flags for deeper understanding and offer advanced training to Iowa’s elementary and secondary school teachers. Additionally, the monthly WorldCanvass programs bring experts from various fields together in front of a live audience for intimate, multi-disciplinary discussions of international topics—discussions which are shared with Iowans and the larger world through radio, television and iTunes podcasts.   

Check out the wide range of community and classroom programs offered by IP and let us know if there’s anything we can do for you!