Bridging Domestic and Global Diversity Spring 2016 Schedule

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Spring 2016 Schedule: All sessions are on Wednesday afternoons, 3:30-5:00 pm, in 1117 UCC. 

Week #





February 3

Welcome and Program Overview

1. Icebreakers

2. Open Forum

Brandon Paulson and Shuhui Lin 


February 10

Making It Real

1. Where I Am From Poem

2. In/Out of Box Activity

Tyra Nelson and Cindy Ann Kilgo


February 17

Cultural Intersections

1. Defining Culture

2. Cultural Mosaic

Rudia Kihura and Brandon Paulson


February 24

Developing Your Intercultural Insight

1. Intercultural Development Inventory

2. Intercultural Development Plan

Laura Holtkamp and Brandon Paulson


March 2

Open Forum Preparation

  1. Campus Diversity Dialogues

 Shuhui Lin and Brandon Paulson


March 9

Power and Privilege - Part 1

Valerie Garr

Spring Break March 14-18


March 23

Power and Privilege - Part 2

Valerie Garr


March 30

Navigating Intercultural Conflicts

1.  Intercultural Conflict Styles Inventory

Bob Gutwein and Rudia Kihura


April 6

Global Leadership

1. Leadership Barometer

2. Spaghetti Tower Activity

3. GLOBE Leadership Styles

Stacy Narcotta-Welp


April 13

Open Forum Preparation

Shuhui Lin and Brandon Paulson


April 20

Open Forum

Shuhui Lin and Brandon Paulson


April 27

Next Steps in the Journey

1. Open Forum Debrief

2. Application and Practice

Kendra Malone and Kyra Seay


May 4

Certificate Ceremony

1. Award Certificates

2. Celebration

Brandon Paulson and Shuhui Lin






































Program Instructors:

  • Valerie Garr, Diversity Coordinator, College of Nursing
  • Bob Gutwein, Assistant Director, International Student and Scholar Services
  • Rudia Kihura, International Student and Scholar Advisor, International Student and Scholar Services
  • Cindy Ann Kilgo, Research Assistant, Center for Research on Undergraduate Education
  • Shuhui Lin, International Students Support and Retention Coordinator, International Student and Scholar Services
  • Kendra Malone, Diversity Resources Coordinator, Chief Diversity Office
  • Stacy Narcotta-Welp, Director of Career Leadership Academy, Pomerantz Career Center
  • Tyra Nelson, Associate Director, CLA Office of Academic Programs & Student Development
  • Brandon Paulson, International Student and Scholar Advisor, International Student and Scholar Services
  • Kyra Seay, Education Support Services Assistant, Chief Diversity Office

A very special thanks to our program instructors for their willingness to share their expertise and knowledge with our participants.