Intercultural Training

As our world becomes more connected and interdependent, it is imperative that we learn how to communicate with individuals who are different from ourselves.

International Programs, in collaboration with the Chief Diversity Office, offers intercultural training simulation exercises and educational programs to help students and scholars and UI faculty and staff recognize differences and develop effective strategies to respond to them.

Bridging Domestic and Global Diversity

Bridging Domestic and Global Diversity is a leadership training program designed to increase intercultural awareness and skills, while enhancing understanding and connection through diversity. Focus is on increasing self-awareness while building intercultural leadership skills.

Building Our Global Community

Building Our Global Community creates an opportunity for University of Iowa faculty and staff to learn about the experiences of international students and scholars, and methods they can use to foster skills for working with and awareness of our increasingly intercultural campus. Participants who complete the Introduction to Building Our Global Community core course and at least for elective courses will be awarded a global certificate. 

Engaging Across Cultures Logo

Engaging Across Cultures

Engaging Across Cultures is a non-academic, professional development certificate program that creates an opportunity for UI graduate and professional students to learn more about fostering an intercultural campus while honing skills that will carry into the future workplace.

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Global@Iowa is a course that brings together international and domestic students to create a learning environment where all students can be introduced to the issues and experiences of each other. Course content includes defining culture and values, cultural sef-awareness, communication styles, and more.


Brandon Paulson
Senior Advisor, International Student and Scholar Services
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