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Chad Film List

Title: Daresalam (2000)  
Format: DVD
Language: Arabic and French with English subtitles.
Run Time: 100 Min.
Description: This feature film focuses on two young men caught up in the Civil War in Chad. It begins in the 1970s with the story of Koni and Djimi as the central government invades their village and insists on buying the farmer's millet at below market and then browbeats the villagers into paying taxes to help fight the war. When they resist the government burns the village and massacres the inhabitants. Djimi, wounded, remains behind with the hard-liners, while Koni joins a faction which supports compromise with the government.
Genre: Drama

Title Bye Bye Africa (1998)
Format: VHS
Language: French and Arabic with English subtitles.
Run Time:  86 Min.
Description: In this reflective docu-drama about the difficulties of making films in Africa, an exiled film director returns to Chad after the death of his mother. There he discovers, as a result of wars, that motion picture theaters have been abandoned in favor of makeshift video theaters often in private homes. Haroun meets Isabelle, whose life was irrevocably changed after portraying a woman with AIDS in an earlier film of his, and visits a producer who suggests that he make a film using a video camera and concludes that the important thing is to continue to produce films no matter what the circumstances.
Genre: Drama

Title: Abouna (2002)
Format: DVD, region 1
Language: In Chad Arabic with optional English subtitles
Run Time: 84 min.
Description: After two young Chadian boys discover their father has abandoned them, they embark on a desperate quest to bring him home
Genre: Drama