Global Health Studies Program Steering Committee Members, 2017-18

Jeanine Abrons, Pharm.D., M.S.

College of Pharmacy/ Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science
Research interests include service learning and community outreach initiatives including immunizations, planning / management, training, and resources [health screening apps]. She has coordinated an international experience in rural and natural medicine in Dominica, West Indies and currently trains students on providing preventative health service screenings to underserved patient populations.
Office: S428 PHAR
Phone: 319-384-1114
Email: jeanine-abrons@uiowa.edu
Dr. Abrons' website

Karmen Berger, Ph.D.

Associate Director/ Senior Academic Advisor Global Health Studies Program
Office: 305N Communications Center
Phone: 319-384-1328
Email: karmen-berger@uiowa.edu
Global Health Studies Academic Programs website

Christine Brunner Luse, B.S.N., M.P.A

Global Health Studies Program
Courses include Ethics, Politics, and Global Health; Engaging in Global Health; Visualizing Global Health through Popular Fiction and Film. President of Brunner Luse Associates (specializing in non-profit, public health, and local government mangagement).
Office: 305N CC
Phone: 319-431-5167
Email: christine-brunnerluse@uiowa.edu

Christopher Buresh, M.D., M.P.H.

Emergency Medicine, UI Carver College of Medicine
Clinical interests include ATV injury prevention and unusual causes of abdominal pain. Co-founder and current board member of Community Health Initiative which works to address the needs of rural Haitians who otherwise have no access to care.
Office: 1008 RCP
Phone: 319-356-5419
Email: Christopher-buresh@uiowa.edu
Dr. Buresh’s website
Community Health Initiative Haiti website

Margaret Carrel, Ph.D.

Geographical and Sustainability Sciences
Research interests include medical geographic research using GIS and spatial statistical techniques. Courses include Health and Environment: GIS Applications; Geography of Asia: Japan to Pakistan; and Hungry Planet: Global Geographies of Food.
Office: 303 Jessup Hall
Phone: 319-335-0154
Email: margaret-carrel@uiowa.edu
Dr. Carrel’s website

Claudia Corwin, M.D., M.P.H.

Internal Medicine, UI Carver College of Medicine
Clinical interests include public health, occupational medicine and transplant surgery.
Email: claudia-corwin@uiowa.edu
Dr. Corwin's website

Kennith Culp, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN

College of Nursing
Research and clinical interests include international health, agricultural workplace hazards, aging workforce.
Office: 462 CNB
Phone: 319-335-7060
Email: ken-culp@uiowa.edu
Dr. Culp's website

Peter Damiano, D.D.S., M.P.H.

Director, Public Policy Center; Director, Health Policy Research Program
Preventive and Community Dentistry
Public Policy Center
Office: 212 South Quadrangle
Phone: 319-335-6813
Email: peter-damiano@uiowa.edu
Dr. Damiano's website

Helena Dettmer, Ph.D.

Classics; Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs & Curriculum/ College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
DEO Division of Interdisciplinary Programs
Office: 120 Schaeffer Hall
Phone: 319-335-2633
Email: helena-dettmer@uiowa.edu
Dr. Dettmer's website

Mariola Espinosa, Ph.D.

History; Latin American Studies Program; Faculty Director of the UI Global Health Studies Program
Research interests include historical understandings of fever in French, British, Spanish and U.S. Caribbean empires. Undergraduate courses address the history of medicine and public health in Latin America and disease in the Caribbean; graduate courses address global history of Latin American science and medicine and readings on disease in the Caribbean.
Office: 168 SH
Email: mariola-espinosa@uiowa.edu
Dr. Espinosa's website

Waltraud Maierhofer, Ph.D.

German; Faculty Affiliate UI Honors Program
Research interests include German literature and culture, representations of women and femininity, and global popular media. Courses include Contraception Across Time and Cultures.
Office: 579 PH
Phone: 319-335-2114
Email:  waltraud-maierhofer@uiowa.edu
Dr. Maierhofer's website

Maureen McCue, M.D., Ph.D.

Global Health Studies Program; Public Health; Anthropology; past Faculty Director of the Global Health Studies Program
Research interests include women's health, rural and environmental health, human rights. Courses include Global Health Service Learning; Climate Change and Health; Health Experience of Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees; and Global Health and Human Rights.
Office: 1120 University Capitol Centre/ 305N Communications Center
Phone: 319-384-1328
Email: mickiq@earthlink.net

Robin Paetzold-Durumeric, M.B.A.

Global Programs Director, Carver College of Medicine; Adjunct faculty, Department of Pediatrics
Office: 1187A MERF
Phone: 319-353-5762
Email: robin-paetzold@uiowa.edu
Global Programs website

Edith A. Parker, M.P.H., Ph. D.

Director, Prevention Research Center for Rural Health, College of Public Health, Community and Behavioral Health
Research interests include community-based participatory health interventions, environmental health promotion, risk communication and community engagement and outreach.
Office: N432A CPHB
Phone: 319-384-1472
Email: edith-parker@uiowa.edu
Dr. Parker’s website

Ted Powers, Ph.D.

Anthropology and Global Health Studies Program
Research interests include medical anthropology, globalization, development, HIV/AIDS, political economy and South Africa. Courses include Introduction to Global Health Studies, Africa: Health and Society;  Global Health Seminar: Transnational Perspectives on Health Movements and Social Change.
Office: 217 Macbride Hall
Phone: 319-353-2817
Email: theodore-powers@uiowa.edu
Dr. Powers' website

Blake Rupe, M.A.

Sustainable Water Development Program Coordinator, IIHR Hydroscience and Engineering; Global Health Studies Program
Interests include field research in quantifying and classifying waste, and developing mobile conservation and sustainability apps. Courses include Global Garbage and Global Health; and Social Entrepreneurship and Global Health.
Office: 4105 Seamans Center; 305N Communications Center
Phone: 319-335-5121; 319-384-1328
Email: blake-rupe@uiowa.edu
Blake Rupe on the IIHR websiteBlake Rupe's personal website

Christopher Squier, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Oral Pathology, Radiology and Medicine, College of Dentistry; Emeritus Faculty Director of the Global Health Studies Program
Research interests include the relationship between tobacco and oral disease and the role of the health professional in reducing tobacco use among their patients.
Office: N419 DSB; 305N CC
Phone: 319-335-7388; 319-384-1328
Email: christopher-squier@uiowa.edu
Dr. Squier's website

Sophie Switzer, M.S.

Global Public Health Coordinator, College of Public Health
Office: S253 CPHB
Phone: 319-384-4136
Email: sophie-switzer@uiowa.edu
Sophie Switzer on the College of Public Health's website

Autumn Tallman

Associate Director UI Study Abroad
Overseas Security Advisory Council, Academia Working Group
Office: 1111-T UCC
Phone: 319-335-0353
Email: autumn-tallman@uiowa.edu
UI Study Abroad website

Karen Wachsmuth, Ph.D.

Associate Director, International Fellowships/ UI International Programs
Office:  1111 UCC
Phone: 319-335-1436
Email: karen-wachsmuth@uiowa.edu
International Programs Funding website

Emily Wentzell, Ph.D.

Anthropology; Latin American Studies Program
Research interests include the gendered social consequences of aging, illness, sexual health problems and related medical treatments (primarily in Mexico).  Courses include Medical Anthropology, Anthropology of Sexuality, Health in Mexico, Using Ethnographic Methods.
Office: 237 Macbride Hall
Phone: 319-335-0532
Email: emily-wentzell@uiowa.edu
Dr. Wentzell's website

Summer Wood M.P.H., Ph.D.

Global Health Studies Program
Research interests include medical anthropology, legal anthropology, human rights, citizenship, science and technology studies, and East Africa. Courses include Promoting Health Globally; Maternal & Child Health; Global Health and Human Rights.
Office: 305N CC
Phone: 319-384-1328