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  Pakistan Floods, mother and her children wading through flood waters

Pakistan Floods, military rescue of victims


Pakistan Floods, power of the flood waters


Pakistan Floods, attempts to get out of flood waters


Indian Ocean Tsunami, aftermath


Indian Ocean Tsunami, young girl holding on during rising water


Indian Ocean Tsunami at landfall


Indian Ocean Tsunami, demonstration of tsunami power


Indian Ocean Tsunami, mourning lost family members


Japan Tsunami hits landfall


Japan Tsunami, breaching tsunami wall


Japan Tsunami (4-month-old rescued)


Japan Tsunami, rescuing elderly victims


Japan Tsunami, mother and daughter offer prayers for Tsunami victims


Japan Tsunami and nuclear disaster, radiation screening


Japan Tsunami and nuclear disaster, radiation screening


Haiti Earthquake, victim calling for help


Haiti earthquake, UN peacekeepers keeping back crown at an aid distribution site


Haiti earthquake, body of victim trapped in rubble


Haiti earthquake, rescue of a young child