Global Health Studies Program

The Global Health Studies Program (GHSP) is a unique interdisciplinary, international, and experiential program of study for both graduates and undergraduates. It provides an integrated approach to the complex processes influencing health and disease around the globe. The GHSP focuses not only on the manifestations of significant diseases and public health and health care systems but also on the underlying forces and institutions such as technology, politics, culture, legal structure, history and economics, which collectively influence patterns of health and disease.

As a field, global health studies assume that health everywhere is subject to the dynamic processes of change impacting advanced Western societies as well as less developed societies and that the social roots and construction of health and disease require solutions beyond those provided by the health sciences or the pharmaceutical or the biotechnology industries. Additionally, the GHSP acknowledges that creative responses to these challenges are evolving on many fronts and can no longer be expected to flow only from the industrialized to the non-industrialized world.

A major objective of the University of Iowa Global Health Studies Program is to educate students about the health transitions occurring globally in the wake of environmental, political, economic, and social changes, and to prepare these students for occupations that increasingly demand critical interdisciplinary and international thinking skills and perspectives.  The program organizes on-campus and international activities for students and faculty, enabling them to gain firsthand experience with the major issues of global health.

The Global Health Studies Program is one of the area studies and thematic faculty groups located in International Programs.  Its curricular offerings are part of the Division of Interdisciplinary Programs within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and include a variety of courses approved for a B.A., a B.S., a certificate and minor, as well as courses approved for the Global Health Studies focus area in the International Studies B.A., and the B.A. in Interdepartmental Studies/Health Science.