European Studies Group

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The European Studies Group at The University of Iowa coordinates research projects, lectures and panel discussions, a multidisciplinary curriculum, and other events focusing on European issues. Enriched by library and museum collections, visual and performing arts programs, lively film series, and more, European Studies at the UI conceptualizes Europe as

  • a world region and a locus within a larger global flow of people, culture, and commerce;
  • a cultural construct that has evolved over centuries and a location that shifts geographically and geopolitically;
  • a region whose limits are continually being revised and redefined, in part by the formation of the European Union;
  • a synthesis of politics, economics, education, religion, culture, and the arts;
  • a diverse multi-ethnic population both within and beyond national boundaries;
  • a history of ideas, beliefs, values, and practices.

The European Studies Group seeks to understand all of these aspects of Europe through trans-historical, trans-national and multi-disciplinary teaching, research, and exchange of ideas.


Luis Martin-Estudillo, Spanish and Portuguese


Craig Adcock, Art and Art History
Paula Amad, Cinema and Comparative Literature
Meriam Belli, History
Constance Berman, History
Cinzia Blum, French and Italian
Lori Branch, English
Deborah Contrada, French and Italian
Thomas Cook, Occupational and Environmental Health
Jeffrey Cox, History
Anny Curtius, French and Italian
David De Pew, Communications Studies
Huston Diehl, English
Natasa Durovicova, International Writing Program
Glenn Ehrstine, German
Mary Emery, English
James Enloe, Anthropology
Wolfgang Ertl, German
Sarah Fagan, German
Denise Filios, Spanish and Portuguese
John Finamore, Classics
Robert Franciscus, Anthropology
Brigittine French, Anthropology
Denes Gazsi, Arabic/French and Italian
Rosalind Galt, Cinema and Comparative Studies
Christine Getz, Music
Craig Gibson, Classics
Eric Gidal, English
Miriam Gilbert, English
Sabine Golz, Cinema and Comparative Literature
David Gomper, Music
Carin Green, Classics
Peter Green, Classics
Wendelin Guentner, French and Italian
Oscar Hahn, Spanish and Portuguese
Gregory Hamot, Secondary Education
Sarah Hanley, History
Timothy Havens, Communication Studies
Elizabeth Heineman, History
Cheryl Herr, History
Julie Hochstrasser, Art and Art History
Geoffrey Hope, French and Italian
Henry Horwitz, History
Christian Jensen, Political Science
Dorothy Johnson, Art and Art History
Kathleen Kamerick, History
Ralph Keen, Religion
Robert Ketterer, Classics
John Kimmich, Journalism and Mass Communication
Irina Kostina, Russian
William Kupersmith, English
Michel Laronde, French and Italian
Kathy Lavezzo, English
Katina Lillios, Anthropology
Johannes Ledolter, Management Sciences
Marc Linder, Law
Waltraud Maierhofer, German
Roberta Marvin, Center for Advanced Studies
Adriana Mendez, Spanish and Portuguese
Marguerite Miller, German
John Nelson, Political Science
Kathleen Newman, Spanish and Portuguese
Astrid Oesmann, German and Cinema and Comparative Literature
Glenn Penny, History
Roland Racevskis, French and Italian
John Reitz, Law
David Schoenbaum, History
John Beldon Scott, Art and Art History
Rosemarie Scullion, French and Italian
Jennifer Sessions, History
Roumyana Slabakova, Linguistics
Alvin Snider, English
Jitka Sonkova, Russian
Sujatha Sosale, Journalism and Mass Communication
Claire Sponsler, English
Garrett Stewart, English
Elke Stockreiter, History
Glenn Storey, Classics
Catherine Tachau, History
Downing Thomas, French and Italian
Wallace Tomasini, Art and Art History
Douglas Trevor, English
Steven Ungar, Cinema and Comparative Literature
Russell Valentino, Russian
Lea Vandervelde, Law
Paul Weller, Finance
Jonathan Wilcox, English
Adrien Wing, Law
Roxanna Curto, French and Italian/Spanish and Portuguese
David Hagan, French and Italian

Graduate Students:

Vanessa Borilot, French and Italian
James Boucher, French and Italian
Elizabeth Carroll, French and Italian
Heidi Collins, French and Italian
Margaret Cook Andersen, History
Alina Haliliuc, Communication Studies
Kirsten Kumpf, German
Rebecca Leal, French and Italian
Jayne Machak, French and Italian
Leah Pesola, French and Italian
Natalie Allen, French & Italian
James Boucher, French & Italian
Stephanie Kupfer, French & Italian
Cynthia Laborde, French & Italian
Stève Levillain, French & Italian
Pauline Rémy, French & Italian
Farzad Salamifar, French & Italian
Hodna Nuernberg, French & Italian/MFA
Bénédicte Corbett, French & Italian
Hannah Dawes, French & Italian