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Group photo of ISCAL presenters and attendees

The Fifth International Symposium on Chinese Applied Linguistics was held April 22 and 23, 2016 at the University  of Iowa-University Capitol Center.  This conference is sponsored by: the University of Iowa International Programs, the University of Iowa Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, the University of Iowa Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures, the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Confucius Institute at the University of Iowa and Hanban.

This Symposium serves as a platform for researchers on Chinese applied linguistics around the world to generate ideas, cross disciplinary boundaries, and disseminate research about issues and concerns in the learning and teaching of Chinese as a non-primary language (including heritage language learning) across different acquisition stages in different settings.


Keynote Speakers:

Professor Agnes Weiyun He - Stony Brook University, New York
“肉粥还是pasta粥 (Porridge or Pasta)”:  Creating Interactional Space for Language Learning  

Professor Zhuo Jing-Schmidt - University of Oregon, Eugene
From linguistic theory and empirical research to Chinese language pedagogy

Panelists and Abstracts:

Panel 1: Studies on prosodic and phonological aspects of Chinese L2 acquisition

PDF iconThe effects of syntactic constraints on prosodic grouping of L2 speech
Mengtian Chen-University of Iowa and Jianqin Wang-Beijing Language and Culture University

PDF iconThe influences of language background on Chinese phonological awareness and Pinyin spelling skills in English and Arabic leaners of Chinese as a second languag
Haiwei Zhang-University of York, United Kingdom

Panel 2: Studies on Chinese L2 speech perception

PDF iconVisual Symbols Can Facilitate Tone Identification by Non-tonal Speakers
Yanjun Wei-Carnegie Mellon University and Beijing Language and Culture University

PDF iconThe Effectiveness of On-line Training on Chinese Learners’ Perception of Chinese Tones
Hongying Xu-University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse

PDF iconThe Deep-seated Mechanism of The Perception Errors of Consonants in Standard Chinese by Learners with Chinese as a Second Language
Gongping Wang-Jinan University

Panel 3: Studies on Chinese L2 writing and pragmatic development

PDF iconComparing two collaborative writing strategies in the L2 Chinese writing: A case study
Xiaofei Pan-University of Iowa

PDF iconDeveloping L2 Reference Tracking Skills through CALL
Liu Li-Ball State University

PDF iconPragmatic Development in Study Abroad: Proficiency and L2 Contact
Li Yang-Kansas State University

Panel 4: Studies on teaching methods and grammar pedagogy

PDF icon近十年来(2004-2014)国内汉语作为第二语言教学法的演变与发展
Yongyi Wu-East China Normal University

PDF iconOperationalizing the “Disposal” Form: L2 Pedagogy of the Ba-construction
Yupeng Kou-University of Iowa

PDF icon基于汉语类型学特征的汉语趋向补语教学对策研究
Chunhong Qi and Yubin Yang-Yunnan Normal University

Panel 5: Studies on Chinese L2 reading development

PDF iconThe Processing of Formulaic Language of Native Speakers and Non-native Speakers:  an Eye-movement Study
Jiang Shang and Jiang Xin-Beijing Language and Culture University

PDF icon汉语二语学习者阅读不同词长句子的知觉广度的眼动研究
Weiqi Zhao and Jiang Xin-Beijing Language and Culture University

PDF iconEffect of Adjunct Questions on L2 Reading with Low Level Chinese Learners 
Shuyi Yang-University of Iowa

Panel 6: Studies on Chinese Lw vocabulary acquisition and reading development

PDF iconComparison of the Comprehension of Three Types of Chinese Colloquial Idioms by Advanced Chinese L2 Learners
Yu Li-University of Iowa

PDF icon越南汉语学习者语素意识与阅读关系的研究
Qi Zhang-Yunnan University of Finance and Economics and Jiang Xin-Beijing Language and Culture University

PDF iconAcquisition and Pedagogy of Chinese Discourse Grammar of Word Order as L2
Janet Xing-Western Washington University

Panel 7: Studies on textbooks and corpus-based research

PDF iconExpressing necessity:  Use of necessity modals in four series of Chinese textbooks
Shuyi Liao-Eagle-Albany State University of New York

PDF icon母语为英语的汉语学习者书面语主述位结构特征研究
Li Wang-Nantong University

PDF iconAn interlanguage corpus study of the acquisition of L2 Chinese psych verbs
Jing Zhao-Fudan University

Panel 8: Studies on task effects, grammar acquisition, and oral performance

PDF iconEffects of Task Repetition on Learning ‘Le’ in L2 Chinese 
Yuan Fangyuan-US Naval Academy

PDF icon任务结构在不同条件下对口语非流利现象的影响
Yili Zhang-Brandeis University

PDF iconThe Syntactic Accuracy in Advanced L2 Chinese Oral Productions
Jianling Liao-Arizona State University