University of Iowa

Iowa City Adult (Age 14 and up) Courses Spring 2019

Introduction to Chinese I- III 

This is a three-level introductory course in Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) language for beginners who have little or no previous Chinese learning experience. It covers basic phonetics, vocabulary, grammar and practice on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with a focus on learners' functional language ability. Introduction to Chinese culture will be integrated in our curriculum. 

Class schedule:  5:30-6:45 pm Mondays and Wednesdays (5 weeks/10 classes at each level)
Level I January 23-February 25 (Open for registration)


Level II March 25-April 24

Level III April 29-May29
Location:1124 UCC
Instructor: TBA
Fees: Tuition is  $100 each level and textbook fee is $75 for each new set. 

PDF iconIntroduction to Chinese Levels I-III Enrollment Form

Intermediate Chinese for returning students

This is a three level intermediate Chinese classes for students who have completed Intermediate Chinese I-III with CI in previous classes or equivalent. 

Class schedule
Location: 123-D Phillips Hall
Instructor: TBA
Fees: Tuition is $100 for every 10 classes and textbook fee is $75 for every new set.


Interested in online tutoring? Please complete a background survey and contact us at for more information.

To enroll, please deliver or mail your enrollment form and payment to Xi Ma, 1120 A UCC, Iowa City IA 52242

Iowa City Youth (age 6-13) Courses 

Chinese Names Pronunciation Workshop

A one-hour workshop which serves as an introduction to Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin), covering the romanization system-- Pinyin, tones, and greetings in Chinese. Participants will learn about the development of Pinyin, practice all consonant and vowel sounds with tips on how to produce them accurately, and further practice the four major Chinese tones using Chinese names as examples. Useful daily expressions and greetings will also be introduced.  Please contact to schedule.

Johnson County Senior Center Discount

Members of the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center receive a 10% discount off of all Confucius Institute per session course tuition fees.