Director: Morten Schlütter



Shuang Chen Chinese History

South Coblin Emeritus Chinese phonology and Classics

Chuanren Ke Linguistics and Chinese Language Acquisition

Judy Polumbaum Emeritus Journalism & Mass Communication

Maureen Robertson Chinese and Comparative Literature

Robert Rorex Emeritus Asian Art & Art History

Morten Schlütter (Director) Asian and Chinese Religion

Helen Shen Linguistics and Chinese Language Acquisition

Wenfang Tang Political Science, Chinese Culture and Institutions

Min Tian Chinese Studies Librarian

Kevin Tsai, Chinese Literature and Culture

Newell Ann Van Auken Chinese Classics

Xiaoyuan Zhao Chinese Language Pedagogy


Hiroko Czuprynski Japanese Language

Kendall Heitzman Japanese Literature and Culture

Eriko Ike, Japanese Language

Kiyomi Kawakami Japanese Language

Hironori Nishi Japanese Language and Pedagogy

Yumiko Nishi Japanese Language and Pedagogy

Laura Nüffer Japanese Literature and Culture  

Robert Rorex Emeritus, Japanese Art and Art History

Chiaki Sakai Japanese Studies Librarian

Scott Schnell Anthropology and Japanese Culture and Society

Stephen Vlastos Japanese History


Sang-Seok Yoon Korean Language

Chunghi Choo Art & Art History

Vicki Hesli Korean Political System

Jiyeon Kang Korean Culture and Society

Jae-On Kim Emeritus Korean Political System and Society

Junyoung Verónica Kim Korean Culture and Diaspora

Alyssa Park Modern Korean History

Southeast Asia and Pacific

Cynthia Chou Anthropology

Russell Ciochon Anthropology

Scott F McNabb Emeritus Educational Policy and Leadership Studies

CAPS Associates

The following Asianist faculty in the surrounding area have been invited and encouraged to participate in CAPS events and activities and to use the research resources of the University of Iowa (The Center has allocated small stipends to cover travel and lodging expenses for these purposes):

Scott Cook, Dept. of Chinese and Japanese, Grinnell College , Grinnell, IA 50112
E-mail: cook@grinnell.edu

Jin Feng, Department of Chinese and Japanese, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA 50112

Christopher Gerteis, Department of Histor, School of Oriental and African Studies
University of London, The United Kingdom, cg24@soas.ac.uk

Ed Gilday, Religious Studies, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA 50112

Reinier Hesselink, Dept. of History, Uni. of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA 50614

Mariko Schimmel, Japanese Literature and Culture, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa

Mary McCarthy, Dept. of Politics and International Studies, Drake University, Iowa.

David Tucker, Department of History, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242