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Tunisia Film List

Title: Satin rouge (2003)
Format: DVD video, region 1 NTSC.
Language: In Arabic with optional English subtitles.
Run Time: 95 Min.
Description: "A Tunisian widow takes an unlikely journey of self-discovery ... While investigating a suspected liaison between her headstrong teenaged daughter and a cabaret musician, Lilia becomes drawn to an exhilarating nightclub netherworld of Rubénesque belly dancers and nocturnal pleasure-seekers. In trading her shapeless housedresses for sequins and satin, she begins to emerge from her cocoon of melancholy and loneliness"--Container.
Genre: Drama

Title: Baʻīdan ʻan al-ar  = Away from Land /  بعيدا عن الأرض (1976)
Format: DVD (PAL)
Language: In Arabic with English and French subtitles
Run Time: 100 Min.
Description: This award-winning romantic film is based on a daring story by the controversial writer Ihsan Abdel Quddous. Nawal leaves her life behind after a bitter divorce to spend some time recuperating with her brother in Tunisia. Little did she know that she would meet Mahmoud on her boat trip heading to Tunisia. The two instantly become emotionally involved but as it turns out Mahmoud has a past life as well."-- from cover.
Genre: Drama

Title: Miel et cendres (1999)
Format: VHS
Language: In French and Arabic with English subtitles.
Run Time: 80 Min.
Description: "Examines the deeply ingrained masculinist tenets of North African culture via parallel portraits of three Tunisian women whose lives intersect. ... The stories illustrate the way in which even the most seemingly liberal of men can maintain constricting moral beliefs about women and their given roles, and how love offers no concrete protection from this"--D. Rooney, Variety.
Genre: Drama

Title: Philippe Soupault à Tunis = Philippe Soupault in Tunis (1996)
Format: VHS
Language: In French without subtitles
Run Time: 30 Min.
Description: In 1938, Philippe Soupault, journalist, writer, surrealist poet was sent by the French government to Tunisia to set up "Radio Tunis" in an attempt to counter the influence of the Libyan radio station controlled by the Italian fascist regime.
Genre: Documentary

Title: amt al-quūr = Les silences du palais (1996)
Format: VHS
Language: Arabic with English subtitles.
Run Time: 127 Min.
Description: Set in Tunisia in the 1950’s. Alia, the young servant-girl played by Hend Sabri, is misused by her masters and wooed by the rebel.
Genre: Drama

Title: Factories for the Third World: Tunisia, the new international division of labor  (1979)
Format: VHS
Run Time: 43 Min.
Description: Discusses European countries setting up factories in Tunisia with cheap labor and old equipment.
Genre: Documentary

Title: Ḥalq al-Wadī = Un été à la Goulette = A summer in La Goulette (1996)
Format: VHS
Language: In Arabic, French and Italian with English subtitles.
Run Time: 100 min.
Description: Youssef (Mustapha Adouani) is a Muslim, Jojo (Guy Nataf) is Jewish and Giuseppe (Ivo Salerno) is an Italian Catholic, and they are best of friends until each of their daughters swears to lose their virginity by a certain date. To make matters worse, each daughter sets her sights on a boy of a different religion, thus challenging an inviolable taboo and causing a rift between their fathers. As the families resolve their differences, the Six Day War breaks out in the Middle East, which will divide Jews and Arabs the world over.
Genre: Drama