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Libya Film List

Title: GADDAFI'S GAMBLE (2004)
Format: VHS
Run Time:  36 Min.
Description: Explores the recent history of Libya, isolated since Colonel Qaddafi seized power thirty-five years ago. Describes how the dictator squandered Libya's oil wealth and left its economy in ruins after years of bankrolling terrorists and dubious African liberation movements. Explains that Libya has recently been trying to rejoin the rest of the world and is using its vast oil reserves to woo back former foes, especially the United States. Examines why Qaddafi is suddenly renouncing terrorism, nuclear weapons, and socialism and asks what these changes may really mean.
Genre: Documentary

Title: LION OF THE DESERT (1981)  
Format: VHS
Language: English dialogue.
Run Time:  206 Min.
Description: An historical drama detailing the Italian occupation of Tripoli/Libya from 1911 thru 1929 and the heroic yet tragic armed resistance put up by the Bedouins under Omar Mukhtar. This release includes the documentary film The Making of lion of the desert (1981, ca. 33 min.) / Falcon International Productions; written, produced and directed by Robert J. Wagman and Sheldon Engelmayer; a presentation of Multi-Media Enterprises Ltd., and 8 versions of the theatrical trailer.
Genre: Documentary

Title: THE MESSAGE (1976)  
Format: VHS
Language: English and Arabic
Run Time:  220 Min.
Description: The dramatic story of Mohammad, the prophet who founded Islam.
Genre: Drama

Title: Frontline world: stories from a small planet. October 31st, 2006 (2006)
Format: DVD
Language: Close-captioned
Description: Reporter Evan Williams travels undercover to Burma to expose the unprecedented violence and repression being carried out by the government against its own people. Clark Boyd reports on an internet company that connects small businesses in Uganda directly with international lenders. Marco Werman reports on an eclipse observed from Libya.
Genre: Documentary