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Gambia Film List

Title: NYABO JAWYA (1998)  
Format: VHS (PAL).
Language: Mandingo, no subtitles.
Run Time:  105 min.
Description: Mandinka comedy/drama. The story deals with an old man called Dodou, who helps young men arrange their weddings, and his young friend who wants to marry his uncle's daughter. Dodou calls on the uncle, but asks to marry her himself.
Genre: Drama

Format: VHS
Run Time:  156 min.
Language: English
Description: Presents an overview of music and dance in Africa by selections of local performance styles focusing on the vernacular but including some popular forms. Booklets contain: an overview essay, selection descriptions, and resource material, including sugestions for listening, viewing, and reading.
Genre: Documentary

Title: THE GAMBIAN CASE (1988)  
Format: VHS
Run Time:  22 min.
Language: English
Description: In Gambia, 1901, trypanosomes (which can lead eventually to sleeping sickness) are discovered for the first time in the blood of a European.
Genre: Documentary

Format: VHS
Description: Program 1. Born musicians: traditional music from The Gambia -- Program 2. On the battlefield: gospel quartets -- Program 3. Legends of rhythm and blues -- Program 4. Sit down and listen: the story of Max Roach -- Program 5. The drums of Dagbon -- Program 6. Caribbean crucible -- Program 7. Africa come back: the popular music of West Africa.
Genre: Documentary

Title: Music of the Mande (1970)
Format: DVD
Language: Vocal works sung in Mandingo; includes explanatory subtitles in English at the beginning of each segment.
Run Time: 83 min.
Description: pt. 1. Music for the warriors, hunters, and ordinary people. 1. The bolon or bolombato (Bajao Kamara) ; 2. The simbingo (Malang Fatti) ; 3. The bambara ndang ; 4. Maani tuuro = Rice pounding (Mamadu Kurubali) ; 5. The ji dundungo = Water drum ; 6. Siko drumming -- pt. 2. Professional music : Mandinka jaliyaa with the kora. 1. A welcoming party (Gambian Field Force Band and a group of jabolu) ; 2. Kumbu sora (Bai Konteh, Dembo Konteh) ; 3. A kullio or child-naming ; 4. Leopold Senghor (Jali Mori Suso, kora) ; 5. Stemps in building a kora ; 6. Allah l’a ke, and, Sherif Sidi (Jali Nyamo Suso, Alhaji Suntu Suso, kora ; 7. Lambamba Alhaji Suntu Suso, with additional musicians -- pt. 3. Gambian tantango drumming. 1. Lenjengo/seruba ; 2. Nyaka juio ; 3. Kanyelando or dimba tulungo = Young mothers’ play. Lenjengo (Sute Sonko with assisting musicians) ; 4. Nyoboringo ; 5. Kankurang. Kankurang julo (Landing Kasama with assisting instrumentalists).
Genre: Documentary