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Cote d'Ivoire Film List

Title: WOUBI CHÉRI (1998)
Format: VHS
Language: French and other local language, with English subtitles.
Run Time:  62 min.
Description: Woubi Chéri is the first film to give African homosexuals a chance to describe their world in their own words. Often funny, sometimes ribald, but always real, this documentary introduces gender pioneers demanding their right to construct a distinct African homosexuality.
Genre: Documentary

Title: Visages de femmes  = Films de la Lagune (1995)
Format: VHS
Language: In indigenous languages and French with English subtitles.  
Run Time: 103 min.
Description: Two politically and stylistically adventurous films exploring the links between feminism, economics and tradition in modern-day Africa. In these intriguing stories about women in today's Africa, the first film centers on a young woman who is unhappily married and is attracted to her visiting brother-in-law. The second story centers around a successful businesswoman who tries to open a new restaurant, but runs into difficulties that only her daughter's traditional wiles can solve.  
Genre: Drama

Format: VHS
Language: English and French with English subtitles.
Run Time:  24 min.
Description: Examines the changing urban ecology of Abidjan, capital of the Ivory Coast, with brief looks at Barcelona, Cairo and other cities, in light of the problems caused by increased population and industrial and agricultural mechanization.
Genre: Documentary