African Studies Program Faculty

Core Faculty

James L. Giblin
Director of African Studies Program
Professor of History
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Meriam Belli
Assistant Professor of History
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Anny Dominique Curtius
Associate Professor of Francophone Studies
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Denes Gazsi
Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Arabic Language Program
Department of French and Italian
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Catherine Hale
Curator of African and Non-Western Art
University of Iowa Museum of Art

Marie L. Krüger
Associate Professor of English
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Michel Laronde
Professor of French
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Edward Miner
Bibliographer for African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Studies
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Peter Nazareth
Professor of English
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Christopher D. Roy
Elizabeth M. Stanley Faculty Fellow of African Art History
Professor of Art and Art History
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Elke Stockreiter
Assistant Professor of History
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Adrien Wing
Bessie Dutton Murray Professor of Law
Former Associate Dean for Faculty Development in the UI College of Law
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Related Faculty

Jeffrey Cox
Professor of History
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Marc Linderman
Associate Professor of Geography
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Cliff Missen
Director, WiderNet Project
Instructor, International Studies
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Jennifer Sessions
Associate Professor of History
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Ahmed Souaiaia
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
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Charles Abbott
Adjunct Lecturer in Geography

Blandina Kaduma Giblin
Lecturer in Kiswahili, Department of Linguistics

John Njue
Lecturer in Kiswahili, Department of Linguistics

Faculty Emeriti

Sandra Barkan
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Cinema and Comparative Literature
Former Associate Dean in the UI Graduate College

Jacques A. Bourgeacq
Professor Emeritus of French and Italian

Michael L. McNulty
Professor Emeritus of Geography