**Culture Kits are not available for reservations at this time**


What are culture kits?

Our Culture Kits include an assortment of materials from over 70 countries from around the world. These materials can include: arts and crafts, books and printed materials, clothing and textiles, food-related items, personal items, musical items, games, and other miscellaneous artifacts. The materials have been collected over a number of years, and although not a comprehensive collection, each kit contains valuable cultural lessons. We also have over 100 country flags available for use.

The kits are a good resource to use as an introduction to a geography or social studies unit as the materials will help students visualize a particular country or region.

Some kits include sample lesson plans that can be used by instructors to integrate the materials into the classroom.

Culture kits provide an excellent base for discussion on particular countries or regions.

Photos of Culture Kits

You can view photos of most of the Culture Kits and their contents.

Listing of all Culture Kits and Country Flags

You can see a listing of all of the Culture Kits and Country Flags.

Please note that we can not guarantee the most up-to-date information or flag for each country.

Reservation Process

To reserve a culture kit or country flag, please contact us at ip-outreach@uiowa.edu.

Check-out policy

Please note that we have a 2-week check out policy and can only allow 5 kits and/or 5 flags to be checked out at one time to a single borrower/organization. It is the borrower’s responsibility to check out and return the kit/flag during business hours: M-F 8am-5pm.

We do not mail culture kits or flags. There is no fee for borrowing the culture kits or flags, UNLESS any part of a kit or flag is damaged or lost. Please ensure that care is taken with each item from the culture kit, especially during packing.

Want to help?

Also, if you are an international student, international member of the community, or simply someone who has traveled extensively abroad, and would like to share your worldly expertise in helping us better categorize our culture kits so that your "country of expertise" can be better represented, please contact us at ip-outreach@uiowa.edu for more information on how you can help!