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A Joint initiative of the Office of the Provost and the American Council on Education

American Council on Education’s Internationalization Laboratory

The University of Iowa is proud to have been included in the American Council on Education’s Internationalization Laboratory for 2006-2007. The other members of the Laboratory included Arcadia University, the College of Charleston/University of Charleston, New Mexico State University, and Park University.

This was the fourth cohort of institutions invited to participate in this important ACE activity that aims to engage a limited number of institutions in finding new ways to internationalize their teaching, learning, research, and service functions. The Internationalization Laboratory is an outgrowth of the ACE Internationalization Collaborative, a group of over 75 member institutions of all types that have made a serious commitment to internationalization.

The Internationalization Laboratory assists participating institutions to articulate student learning goals for international learning; to assess their progress towards their learning and institutional goals; and to help them make further progress by developing a plan to get them to the next level of internationalization. By participating in the Laboratory, UI committed to the following:

  • Forming an internationalization leadership team;
  • Developing a set of global learning outcomes, either recommended or required, and an assessment plan;
  • Reviewing current institutional internationalization activities, with the objective of sharpening institutional goals, and determining whether students have sufficient opportunity to meet those learning outcomes;
  • Analyzing the findings of the review;
  • Developing a strategic action plan analyzing the state of internationalization on campus and recommending international goals and strategies to achieve them.

International Programs began its assessment by gathering relevant data from all its constituent programs and collecting information about the climate for internationalization (through a study of the UI mission statement and strategic plan, curricular requirements, standards for faculty promotion, and related statements and policies). It also compared international activities on the UI campus to those at peer institutions. Next, the research team measured the level of international activity and international expertise among faculty with an online survey. The faculty survey was followed by ten focus groups composed of representative faculty members from each of the professional colleges, the International Studies program, and Foreign Language departments. Lastly, the research team surveyed student services staff across campus who have a potential role in contributing to the internationalization of students’ academic and extracurricular experiences

Report by UI International Programs to the Peer Review Team (October 2007)

Report to the ACE Peer Review Team
Response to UI's Report by ACE

Review Activities

August 30, 2006

Core Internationalization Team meets with other members of Laboratory in Washington DC, at ACE headquarters.
Team members include: Diana Davies, Director of International Programs (project coordinator/team contact); Jane Desmond, Associate Dean for International Programs; Martha Greer, Coordinator of the International Studies major; William Reisinger, Associate Provost and Dean of International Programs; and Downing Thomas, Professor of French and Italian.

September 20, 2006

Campus site visit by ACE consultants, Dr. Madeleine Green (Vice President and Director of the Center for International Initiatives) and Dr. Barbara Hill (Senior Associate with CII), including discussions with the internationalization leadership team and key stakeholders.
Goal: to define key questions and issues, clarify goals, build synergy among international activities, and build support for the process across the campus.

March 9-10, 2007

Core Internationalization Team meets with other members of the Laboratory in Washington DC, at annual meeting of the Internationalization Collaborative.

April, 2007

Conduct UI faculty survey (27% response rate)

April - May, 2007

Conduct faculty focus groups

June, 2007

Conduct Student Services staff survey

June, 2007

Conduct staff focus groups

October, 2007

Peer review visit by Dr. Barbara Hill, Senior Associate and Director of the Internationalization Laboratory, Center for International Initiatives, ACE; Dr. Gene Allen, Former Associate Vice President for International Programs and Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Minnesota; Dr. William B. Lacy, Vice Provost, University Outreach and International Programs, University of California, Davis; Dr. JoAnn McCarthy, former Assistant Provost for International Affairs, University of Pennsylvania.

Fall, 2007

Wrap-up meeting of Laboratory at ACE headquarters.
Receipt of letter from peer review team responding to self-study materials and visit

2008 -

Sharing of results with campus
Projects to address challenges found during the review

Additional Internationalization Resources

Degree and certificate granting programs

ISBA in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in International Studies
M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in International Studies
Global Health Studies Program
Latin American Studies Program
The FLARE Program Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

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African Studies Program
Caribbean/Diaspora/Atlantic Studies Program
Center for Asian and Pacific Studies
Council for International Visitors to Iowa Cities (CIVIC)
Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies
Confucius Institute
Crossing Borders Program and Graduate Certificate
18th and 19th Century Interdisciplinary Colloquium
European Studies Group
Global Studies Health Program
Institute for International Business, Henry B. Tippie College of Business
International Business Certificate, Henry B. Tippie College of Business
International Executive M.B.A., Henry B. Tippie College of Business
International Crossroads Community
Institute of Cinema and Culture
International and Comparative Law Program, College of Law
International Writing Program
Iowa City Foreign Relations Council
Latin American Studies Program
Middle East and Muslim World Studies
Opera Studies Group
Project for the Advanced Study of Art and Life in Africa (PASALA)
South Asian Studies Program
University of Iowa Center for Human Rights
WiderNet Project

Brief description of FL requirements and FL resources on campus

Descriptions of FLIP 1 and 2 from CLAS Student Academic Handbook
ALLNET – Autonomous Language Acquisition Network
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Language Media Center
Second Language Acquisition PhD Program
Confucius Institute

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