UI Staff and Faculty Recognition

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) in International Programs would like to recognize UI staff and faculty who have completed the Building Our Global Community certificate program and those who have received the International Advocate certificate. All of these staff and faculty have made a commitment to advance and promote internationalization on the UI campus. 

Building Our Global Community

The Building Our Global Community series, started in 2004, provides workshops on skills and insights useful to faculty and staff as they seek to educate and serve our international community.  Each year several programs on cross-cultural communication and awareness, activities, and country or culture-specific workshops are offered.  Participants who attend four workshops plus an introductory session receive a certificate of recognition.

2012-13 Recipients

Donahue, Katherine A
Hermanson, Ricky
Julich, Suzanne
Jung, Anita
Ritchey, Nancy Lynisse
Rose, Stephanie Pauline
Teets, Dan
Archibald, Mark A
Ashby, Kelley
Bellomy, Christine Michelle
Bertorello, Maria Teresa
Boyken, Frances Kay
Brunstein, Janan M
Dean, Thomas Keith
Fitzgerald, Kathleen Anne
Gibbons, Stephanie K
Grady, David L
Hirleman, Lynne Coquillette
Irving, Lisa-Jan Pederson
Johnson, Susan  F
Khan, Annadora
Kirchner, Tammy Lynn
Leech, Lisa
Lewis, Jenilyn
Norton, Janet Lee
Pettigrew, Talinda
Rockel, Viana
Salcedo, Roy Russell
Shermer, Shirley J
Spencer, Maggie
Stratton, Marianne
Stratton, Sara M
Tomkins, Jill Jolene
Tully, Grace
Ungs, Leslie
Walters, Christine Hubbard


International Advocate

This is a certificate created in spring 2013 to recognize University of Iowa staff and faculty who have made exemplary efforts to assist international students or scholars, or to promote internationalization efforts on campus.  Recipients are nominated by International Student and Scholar Services staff.

 2012-13 Recipients

Megan Allen
Heidi Arbisi-Kelm
Cherrie Baird
Tom Baker
Peter Berkson
Romy Bolton
Steve Bowers
Maureen Burke
Jane Caton
Susan Chambers
Sam Cochran
Brian Corkery
Margaret Driscol
Phil Ecklund
Sally Erickson
Wayne Fett
Kate Fitzgerald
Andy Freeman
Val Garr
Brecca Hoffman
Judith Holland
Lisa Ingram
Phil Jordan
Amy Kirkey
Garry Klein
Steven Levy
Pat Mason-Browne
Ilsa May
Ryan McFadden
Melissa Meisterheim
Gayle Nelson
Ken Nickels
Janet Norton
Sally O’Rear
Brandon Paulson
Shari Piekarski
Raaj Remesh Ranjini
Sherry Rhinehart
Richard Saunders
Maureen Schafer
Eva Schoen
Kate Sojka
Julie Stark
Crystal Stockdale
Eileen Sullivan
Grace Tully
John Warren
Joel Wilcox
Amanda Wilson
Dale Wurster
Frank Yoder
Xuefen Zhen