Transferring Away from the University of Iowa


  1. Complete the request form
  2. Come to ISSS during walk-in advising times
  3. Bring to the appointment evidence that you have officially been admitted to the new school (i.e. letter from the Office of Admissions)

Transfer Procedure

  1. You apply to another school and are admitted to that school.
  2. Before the new school can issue a new DS-2019 for you, you must come to ISSS to set a “release date” upon which your SEVIS records will be electronically transferred to the new school.
  3. After the transfer release date arrives, the new school will be able to issue a new DS-2019 for your new program.

Allowable Transfers

A J-1 student transfer can only be approved if you are transferring to a category as given below:

University of Iowa J-1 Category

Allowable Categories at New Program

Student Non-Degree

Student Non-Degree

Student Bachelors

Student Bachelors, Student Masters, Student Doctorate

Student Masters

Student Masters, Student Doctorate

Student Doctorate

Student Doctorate

Employment Eligibility

You can only work on campus at UI (if authorized) until the day before your transfer date.

Transfer Students Who Travel Outside the U.S.

If you plan to travel outside the U.S. and return after the release date from UI, you must obtain a DS-2019 from your new program and use that to enter the US.  If you have been properly transferred and you have a valid visa with the UI program designation, you can use that to reenter with the new DS-2019.  Carry all prior DS-2019 forms with you to verify the transfer.

Canceling the Transfer Release Date

ISSS can cancel or change your transfer plans any time up until the release date arrives. After the release date arrives, we have no further control over your SEVIS record, and you will then have to work with the new school if you wish to change your plans. For this reason, you need to remember the transfer release date that we choose during your appointment, which will be noted below, and request any changes BEFORE that date arrives.