Travel Registry for Students Traveling Abroad for an Activity not Administered by UI Study Abroad Program

Students traveling abroad under the auspices of the University of Iowa are subject to the University of Iowa's Travel Registry policy. This policy applies to all students (undergraduate, graduate, professional degree students, residents and fellows) traveling outside of the U.S. for University of Iowa related purposes – which may include, but are not limited to: study, research, internships, service, conferences, presentations, teaching, performances, rotations, practica, athletic competitions, and/or other non-credit bearing activities.

The University of Iowa's Travel Registry Policy requires students to register their University of Iowa related travel* with, and provide a copy of their passport to, Study Abroad, as well as enroll in the Regents mandated International Health Insurance Plan. Upon submission of the Travel Registration Form (found below) to Study Abroad, participants will be automatically enrolled in the Regents mandated International Health Insurance Plan and billed for it on their U-bill.  The cost is currently $1.22 per day.

Depending on the travel destination(s), students might also be required to fill out a Travel Warning Waiver. If you are a student intending to travel to a location currently under a US Department of State Travel Warning or Alert, contact Study Abroad to discuss possible approval of your plans before registering your travel: Depending on the circumstances within a given country, some travel will not be approved, or may be restricted.

*The Regents health insurance is, however, not intended for personal travel (i.e., vacation) outside of the dates when students are traveling for a University of Iowa purpose.  Students who choose to include personal travel immediately before or after their University of Iowa related travel may - and are stongly encouraged to - purchase a separate coverage plan directly from the insurance provider.  Please see Extension of Coverage for Personal Travel for further instructions.

Here are the REQUIRED steps for registering your travel, which must be done at least 30 days prior to your departure:

  1. Complete the Student Travel Registration Form.
  2. Verify that your travel destination(s) is currently NOT under any U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings and/or Watches.
    • To do this, visit the U.S. Department of State's Website and enter your destination(s) in the "Refine by Country" search bar. 
    • If there are any warnings and/or watches, go to Step 3, if not skip ahead to Step 4.
  3. Contact Study Abroad at to request a travel approval form. Student travel to a destination under current US Department of State Travel Warning or Alert is generally not advised nor approved. If, however, after you've submitted the required documentation and your travel is approved, you will be asked to complete a Travel Warning Waiver available from Study Abroad.
  4. Review the Health Insurance Information and familiarize yourself with it.
  5. Submit the following items either physically to Study Abroad (1111 UCC, Attn: Health and Safety Officer), or digitally to
    • Completed Student Travel Registration Form
    • Completed Travel Warning Waiver (if required)
    • A clear copy of the information/picture page of your passport

Here are RECOMMENDED items you can do prior to your travel:

  1. Register your travel plans with the U.S. Department of State through their "Smart Traveler Enrollment Program" (STEP).
    • This is only for US citizens and can be extremely useful if a situation arises requiring US State Department assistance, such as having your passport lost, or stolen while abroad. 
    • If you are NOT a US citizen, you may contact your home country embassy for information about any similar programs that might be available to you from your country of citizenship.
  2. Conduct a Medical Self-Assessment.  Do NOT turn this in to Study Abroad, but rather use it as a tool to determine whether there are any (potential) health issues you should be prepared to deal with while abroad. 

For research involving Human subjects, please refer to the following information:

  • Review International Programs' website on IRB Review Steps for further information regarding such research overseas.
  • Visit the University of Iowa's Human Subjects Office's website for the Institutional Review Boards (IRBs).

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Study Abroad at 1111 UCC or 319-335-0353 or