Prepare for Departure

Congratulations! You have been accepted into a program and are going to study abroad! In a few months (or weeks!) you will embark on the adventure of a lifetime; however, there is much to be done before you go. It may seem overwhelming now but remember that you can always stop by the Study Abroad office with your myriad of questions. We've also scheduled a number of helpful events that can prepare you for your international experience. Don't forget to check out other sections of the Preparation portion of the website to understand things you should do before going abroad.

Pre-departure Orientation Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

Each semester the Study Abroad Office runs a pre-departure orientation for all students who will be departing for studying abroad. This year, the orientation is an online course that students will complete on their own.

The course can be accessed via ICON and all students that are studying abroad will be added automatically. The course will appear on the home page of the student’s ICON account. The course consists of 10 modules and quizzes that cover a wide range of topics of which students need to be aware before they go abroad.

In-person Pre-Departure Sessions

In addition to the orientation online, the Study Abroad Office will be holding a variety of information sessions. Every student going abroad must sign up to attend at least one of these sessions.  Students can find more information about these sessions and RSVP through a Google Doc on the Study Abroad website. 


Slice of Advice

Slice of Advice is an event held each semester for students studying abroad for a semester or academic year. The Study Abroad office matches outbound study abroad students with study abroad returnees.  Do you have questions about what you'll need to pack, how much money to bring or what to do while you're in-country?  Are you having trouble setting goals or just want advice about the experience?  RSVP below and we will match you with a returned student from your program, city, country or region, to the best of our abilities.  In order to find a returnee to match you with, we ask that you RSVP as soon as possible.

Click Here to RSVP for Slice of Advice

TIPS Handbook

To help smooth your transition abroad, Study Abroad has put together a handbook that condenses a lot of information on this website into one document. Stop by the Study Abroad Resource Room to pick one up.