Outbound Students - Research Abroad

Forms and Procedures 
for Students Conducting Independent Research Abroad

Students traveling abroad under the auspices of The University of Iowa are required to register their travel with Study Abroad, and to submit paperwork pertaining to health, safety, and liability issues, including a photocopy of their passport.

1. Please download, complete, and return to the Study Abroad office the following forms:

Registration form (Please remember to include a photocopy of your passport's ID page.)
Statement and Proof of Health Insurance CoverageIndependent Study Agreement form (This form is required for undergraduates only; graduate students do not need to submit it.)

2. Download and read/consult each of the following documents:

Conditions of Participation (By signing your registration form, you agree to the terms and conditions of being a UI student overseas.)
 Medical Self-Assessment (Do not complete and return this form; instead, use it to determine whether there are any health issues you should be prepared to deal with while abroad.)
 Health Insurance InformationISIC Application (This is optional; if you wish to purchase an International Student ID Card, return with $22 + passport-sized photo.)