Internships Abroad

The most common way to participate in an internship abroad is to choose a study abroad program that offers an internship as part of the academic program for academic credit. The vast majority of internships abroad are unpaid, primarily due to visa restrictions.  And unless you are lucky enough to find a placement abroad on your own, expect to pay a fee for most internship placements.  As you research options, be sure to compare costs as well as GPA requirements and the fields of study a program or agency works with.

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Selecting a Reputable Internship

Students should take the time to evaluate various internship opportunities before enrolling. The Forum on Education Abroad has endorsed Boston University's Internship Policies as a Standard of Good Practice for Education Abroad and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has put forth the 15 Best Practices for Internship Programs, both can provide guidance for students selecting an internship abroad program. 

Iowa has affiliated with the internship provider IES, a trusted study abroad partner for over 200 colleges and universities. As a not-for-profit organization with over 60 years of leadership in study abroad, they dedicate their resources to offering students the best possible study abroad programs around the world. IES has very high standards of health and safety and Iowa encourages our students to take part in the wonderful accredited internship opportunities they offer a variety of fields in Barcelona, Dublin, London, Milan, Paris, Rome, Santiago, and Sydney.

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Intern Abroad Resource List

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Credit-bearing Internship Programs

IES Internships guarantees full-time summer internship students a placement in their field of choice, as indicated on their internship application submitted to IES.

If IES Internships is unable to offer a student an internship placement in the expressed field of choice selected on his or her internship application at least two weeks before the program start date, despite the student’s good faith participation in the process and satisfaction of all program requirements, then the student shall have the option to receive a refund of the full amount he or she has then paid IES Internships or to transfer to an IES program of comparable length and value in the same location (subject to the student satisfying applicable visa requirements and IES Internships’ academic program requirements).

Note: Internships can be obtained in fields not represented on this list. Please schedule an advising appointment to discuss other opportunities: 319.335.0353. 

IES Sydney, Australia: Specializing in the areas of Accounting, Advertising, Business, Education/Language Instruction, Event Management & Public Relations, Human Resources, IT, Law, Marketing, Media & Communications, Non-profits, Social Services/Organizations, Tourism, and Engineering. Participants must be eligible for the Australian Work/Holiday visa:

IES London, UK: Specializing in the areas of Arts & Museums, Business, Education, IT, Marketing, Media/Communications, Music, Politics, Social Organizations, Theater, Healthcare, and Engineering. 

IES Dublin, Ireland: Specializing in the areas of Art/Art Administration, Business/Marketing/Human Resources, Journalism, Media & Publishing, Museums & Galleries, Politics, Social Outreach, Technology, and Theatre. 

IES Paris, France: Specializing in the areas of Arts Administration, Business, Cooking & Catering, Immigration & Social Inclusion, IT, Language Instruction, Marketing, Media and Communications, Museums & Galleries, Theater, Tourism, and Health. This program requires 4 semester of college level French in order to participate.

IES Rome, Italy: Specializing in the areas of Art, Arts History & Humanities, Business, Marketing & Accounting, Environment & Community Service, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Immigration & Social Inclusion, International Development, International Relations & Political Science, IT, Logistics, Media & Journalism, Social Action, Health, and Engineering. No language requirement to participate. 

IES Milan, Italy: Specializing in the areas of Accounting, Arts (galleries, music production, theater), Business & Finance, Communications, Advertising & Marketing, Design, E-Commerce, Education, Fashion, Logistics, Luxury Companies, Non-profits, Publishing, Health, and Engineering. No language requirement to participate. 

IES Barcelona, Spain: Specializing in the areas of Accounting, Arts & Architecture, Business, Education/Language Instruction, Finance, Health, IT, Journalism, Law, Logistics, Marketing, Media and Communications, Non-Profits, Tourism, and Engineering. No language requirement to participate. 

IES Santiago, Chile: Specializing in the areas of Accounting, Business, Education/Language Instruction, Finance, IT, Logistics, Marketing, Media & Communications, Municipalities, Museums, Non-profits, Tourism, Health, and Engineering. This program suggests that students have 4 semester of college level Spanish to participate, although it is not required. 

IES Shanghai, China:

IES Berlin, Germany: 

Non-credit bearing Internship Programs 

*Register Your Travel: If you are not getting academic credit, we request that all current students interning abroad complete this application for insurance and travel registration at least 30 days prior to departure. You can turn in the application Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm at the Study Abroad desk located at 1111 University Capitol Centre. Insurance fees will be charged to your U-Bill at a rate of $1.15/day. More information about the insurance can be found here:

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