Identity and Inclusion

Haley Dzuik in India

Sofia Danziger in India

The University of Iowa Study Abroad office encourages all students to consider study abroad as part of an academic plan. We are committed to inclusion in our programming so that all participants may benefit from a diversity of life experiences among the study abroad cohort.

Studying abroad presents opportunities to think about identity in a new cultural context. This can be a rewarding learning experience that challenges preconceived notions about identity; the learning is enhanced for everyone when a diverse range of identity factors are considered through the lens of a new culture and society.

The following resources are intended to help facilitate the broad participation of a diverse range of students, some of whom are traditionally underrepresented on study abroad programs.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Diversity Ambassador Scholarship program provides awards of $500 for UI undergraduate students to study abroad for a summer, short-term, semester or academic year program. The scholarships are intended to support the diversification of students who study abroad. Applicants may apply simultaneously for additional need and merit based awards through the University of Iowa Study Abroad office. Diversity Abroad, or which the University of Iowa is a member, also provides a searchable scholarship database on their website: