Destination Guides

Getting Your Bearings

You are interested in studying abroad, and you have a general idea where you might like to go. But how much do you really know about higher education in Australia, Spain, or the U.K.? If you wish to study in sub-Saharan Africa, what factors do you need to consider as you select a program? Or, if Latin America interests you, how do you decide whether to study in Argentina or Chile?

Advisors in the Study Abroad office work with questions like these every day in advising appointments. We have tried to summarize our collective wisdom in these "destination guides." (Several guides are under development; check back here later for more news.)

Don't forget to also consult Steps to Studying Abroad as well as the Major Advising Pages. And don't forget to come into our Resource Room (1111 University Capitol Centre) to look at our materials (including student comments and evaluations of their study abroad programs) and to talk to our peer advisors.

We hope that all of these resources will help you make a well-informed decision when you select a study abroad program.