Teachers and Educators

Pieces of a culture kit are on display

Each summer, IP offers the Global Education Institute for Teachers, a professional development workshop for Iowa K-12 teachers that focuses on an international theme or topic. The two-day workshop is free of charge and participating teachers receive a license renewal credit.

Invite an international speaker into your classroom to bring a personal face to the complex world surrounding students. The International Classroom Journey matches elementary and secondary classes with volunteer cultural ambassadors for customized, interactive presentations on a variety of international topics.

IP maintains over 80 Culture Kits from around the world filled with arts and crafts, books and printed materials, clothing and textiles, food-related items, personal items, musical items, games, and other miscellaneous artifacts from various countries. These kits are available for check out by teachers to be used in the classroom.

IP produces several short videos each year featuring cultural activities here at the University of Iowa or UI students’ personal reflections from their overseas experiences. We encourage you to share these videos with your students to show them how life changing an international experience can be, whether it is a study, work, or volunteer program abroad; a research project that explores the people, history, cultures, and social issues of  other countries; or a meaningful interaction with an international student in Iowa.

These videos are all posted to our YouTube channel, but we have included a few examples below. If you would like these videos in a format other than YouTube, please email ip-communications@uiowa.edu for assistance.

Luke Juran, a Ph.D. student in geography at the UI, recently conducted research in post-disaster water sanitation in India through a Fulbright grant. In this video, he shares what inspired his project and how he gave back to the community while exploring the local culture.

In her quest to find a study abroad program to fit her busy schedule, Brittany Caplin discovered "India Winterim,"a three-week session in India which offers courses in a diverse set of issues relating to social entrepreneurship. This program strives to encourage inter-cultural education, mutual respect, and to learn more about contemporary strategies to address social and environmental problems such as poverty, health care access, rural development, and conservation in India.

In this video, Rochelle Liu talks about her study abroad experience in Beijing, China. She was able to connect to her extended Chinese family, fulfill requirements for her Chinese minor, and feed her sense of adventure by zip-lining off the Great Wall of China. Liu advises students to be open minded of other cultures and learn to appreciate your host country's history and people.