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International Programs Grants Support

International Programs helps undergraduate and graduate students interested in international fieldwork and research in identifying and pursuing grant opportunities.  We provide assistance with various aspects of the application process including setting goals and timelines, reviewing drafts, and managing submissions.  We serve students through individual appointments and public workshops throughout the year.

Karen Wachsmuth, Academic Programs and Student Services Administrator, provides support for the following internal and external international grants:

Students interested in those grant opportunities should contact Karen at, 319-335-1436.  Please see the linked grant pages for names of additional advisors for these grants.

In general, students are encouraged to begin their funding searches and applications at least six months to one year in advance.  Please contact the grants staff listed on this page as early as possible in order to take full advantage of grant support services.

Other Grant Opportunities


Undergraduate students seeking funding may use the University of Iowa's Funding Databases.  For assistance, please contact Oliva Smith, Division of Sponsored Programs, 100 GLH, 319-335-3708.  Other resources include the University of Iowa Honors Program, Kelly Thornburg, Honors Fellowships Director, 319-335-1874.  Please see the Undergraduate Student Research webpage for a complete list of undergraduate opportunities.

Graduate and Professional

Graduate and professional students should contact Jennifer Teitle in Graduate Student Services, Division of Sponsored Programs, 403 GLH, 319-335-3597.  Please consult Jen's blog Grants 4 Hawks for additional graduate grant opportunities.  

External Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding Opportunities

International Programs Funding Workshops

International Programs offers many workshops on applying for travel and research grants and crafting successful research proposals during the academic year. These include:

  • U.S. Student Fulbright Informational and Essay Workshops
  • Stanley Informational and Essay Workshops
  • Discipline-specific grants workshops and workshops for individual class sessions by request.  Please contact Karen Wachsmuth to schedule a workshop.  

Important Information for Applicants Regarding Mandatory Travel Insurance

All students who receive International Programs grants such as the Stanley Awards for international travel, research, or fieldwork must follow UI International Programs Study Abroad travel insurance procedures. Students traveling abroad under the auspices of The University of Iowa are required to purchase the Regents International Health Insurance plan and will be automatically signed up for the coverage and billed for it. The cost is $1.15 per day. Students should make sure to include this expense in the budget section of their grant applications.

Institutional Review Board Approval

Some research projects, involving human subjects, require approval from the University of Iowa's Institutional Review Board. Please see the Institutional Review Board (IRB) information guide for important steps in the IRB review process of proposed research projects.  Students are advised to begin this process well in advance, as much as six months to one year in advance.

International Programs' Environmental Efforts

In an effort to become more environmentally conscious, IP is constantly looking for ways to lower energy consumption, reduce paper waste, increase recycling efforts, and be more sustainably-minded. IP encourages faculty and students to be environmentally conscious in their global travels. Please see the Environmental Considerations guide for information about carbon offsetting, sustainable travel, and waste reduction.