Strategic Global Initiatives Award


In recognition of the increasing importance of globalization in higher education, the Strategic Global Initiatives Award is intended to help defray costs associated with the development of activities or operations abroad to support faculty collaborations, exchanges, new or existing degree programs, and other collegiate or cross-collegiate initiatives.

Hypothetical examples of such activities might include the following: a degree program in the health sciences offered in Shanghai, partly through on-site teaching in China, partly through online offerings; a proposed extension of the new Digital Studio for Public Humanities, sustained through faculty exchanges and joint research, established in collaboration with a partner institution in Germany; a training program for Korean educators comprised of a one-month program in Seoul followed by a semester-long program in Iowa City; and a partnership with the State of Iowa to build education-industry connections through translational research collaborations in the Middle East.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Director of Academic Programs to discuss the appropriateness of the proposed project.


November 15, 2013


All University of Iowa tenure-track, tenured, clinical, or research faculty are eligible to apply. Visiting faculty and adjuncts are not eligible.

Study abroad programs and student exchanges will not be considered if they are the primary focus of the proposal (contact Study Abroad for support of those activities).

Terms of Award

  • Up to two Strategic Global Initiatives Awards will be awarded this year, for up to $10,000 each; matching funds are required.
  • Funding is available immediately upon notification of the award, but must be spent or encumbered by June 2015 (i.e., funding will be available during FY2014 and FY2015).

Evaluation Criteria and Selection Process

Proposals for the Strategic Global Initiatives Award are reviewed considering the following criteria:

  • Compelling explanation of the purpose, significance, and impact of the project.
  • Strong potential to internationalize the department(s)/college(s) involved.
  • Convincing account of process through which the activities will be undertaken, including any existing ties that may facilitate the project and obstacles that must be overcome for its success (including University and/or Regents approval).
  • Anticipated outcomes.
  • Likelihood of project sustainability through grants, institutional support, or revenue generation.
  • List of departments, programs, or groups on campus that will participate or benefit.
  • Description of opportunities for student participation (if appropriate).
  • Proposals that show both collegiate and departmental matching funds will be given highest consideration.
  • Particular consideration will be given to projects that build on and significantly expand strong, existing relationships. Visit our database of existing international linkages and new relationships that involve multiple campus constituencies.

Proposals will be reviewed by a committee appointed and chaired by the Dean of International Programs.

Application Process

Complete the following and send as attachments to: no later than 5 p.m. on November 15, 2013. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  • An application form
  • 3-page maximum, single-spaced narrative description of the proposed activity, including a rationale and objectives, and projected future funding to sustain the project
  • A summary budget, indicating anticipated expenses along with matching funds and sources
  • Your curriculum vitae (2 pages)

Contact Information

For questions regarding the Strategic Global Initiatives Award, please contact:

Sonia Ryang
Director of Academic Programs
1111 University Capitol Centre