Study/Research Abroad Information

The regulations do permit students to study abroad and/or conduct research away from the University, provided that students continue to maintain their registration with the University of Iowa and make academic progress.  Due to rules regarding travel outside of the U.S., these students are advised to discuss their plans with ISSS prior to departure.

  • Students who are studying outside of the U.S. in the Spring and/or Fall semesters on either an official UI program recognized by Study Abroad or a non-UI program approved by Study Abroad, and must be administratively registered for that semester full-time, i.e. 12 hours for undergraduate students or 9 hours for graduate students, if they wish to maintain a valid visa and immigration status.   Students should ask to complete a verification form with their Study Abroad advisor and then bring the form to ISSS to discuss the impact on their visa and immigration status.
  • Graduate students conducting research abroad or in-absentia from the University of Iowa must maintain full-time enrollment or be authorized for a reduced courseload by ISSS each semester they are absent.  The form should be submitted to the ISSS no later than the second week of the semester.