Transfer Out

What is a program transfer?

J-1 Exchange Visitors who would like to continue their program activities and objective at another university or institution can request to have their SEVIS record transferred if they are maintaining the same program objective and remaining within the same exchange visitor category. 

Who is eligible to transfer their J program?

Exchange visitors who have maintained their J-1 status and have remaining time in their exchange visitor category (research scholars & professors, 5 years; short-term scholars, 6 months) are eligible to transfer to another program sponsor.

What is the transfer procedure?

  1. Secure an invitation from another university or institution.
  2. Complete the ‘J-1 Exchange Visitor Transfer Request Form.’  Some of the requested information can be found on your current DS-2019.  You will need the signature of your UI faculty host as well as information from the Responsible Officer (RO) or Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO) at your new host university/institution.
  3. When complete, return the form to International Student and Scholar Services, 1111 University Capitol Centre.  The RO/ARO will assess the SEVIS record release date. Please allow one week for ISSS to complete the transfer.

What is the SEVIS release date?

Generally, the SEVIS release date is the day immediately following your final day of J program activity at UI.  If you have J-2 dependents, their SEVIS records will automatically be transferred at the same time that your record is released.  After your SEVIS record is released, all requests and authorizations must come from your new program sponsor.

When must my J program activities end at UI?

You must complete you program activities at UI before your SEVIS release date.  Any work done after this date at UI will not be eligible for compensation and is considered a violation of your J-1 status.

When will I receive my new sponsor-issued DS-2019?

Your new program sponsor will be able to issue your transfer DS-2019 after your SEVIS record has been released by UI.   You will need to contact the Responsible/Alternate Responsible Officer at the new university/institution to complete the transfer process and receive your new DS-2019.