Shambaugh House Reading Series


November 1, 2013 - 6:00pm


Shambaugh House

Contact Name: 

Morse, Kelly L

Contact Phone: 

+1 319 335 0128

 This annual reading series features international writers brought to Iowa City to participate in the IWP's Fall Residency. Come join us!

Corinne N’Guessan (fiction writer; Cote D’Ivoire) is a bank manager in Abidjan. Her first novel Les vierges folles [The Mad Virgins] appeared earlier this year.

Roland Rugero (fiction writer; Burundi) is the author of the novels Les oniriques (2007) and Baho (2012), and the editor of the literary pages  of Iwacu Magazine.  A contributor to  Mémoire du Colloque Littéraire and  the Dictionary of African Biographies (2011), Rugero is currently at work on Amaguru n’Amaboko, the second–ever feature film made in Burundi.