Shambaugh House Reading Series


September 13, 2013 - 5:00pm


Shambaugh House

Contact Name: 

Morse, Kelly L

Contact Phone: 

+1 319 335 0128

This annual reading series features international writers brought to Iowa City for the IWP Fall Residency. Come join us! 

Kim Kyung Uk (fiction writer; South Korea) is the author of six award–winning short story collections including [Leslie Chung Is Dead?] (2005), [Risky Reading] (2008) and [God Has No Grandchild] (2011), and six novels, among them [The Golden Apple] (2002), [Kingdom of Thousand Years] (2007), [Like a Fairy Tale] (2010) and [What is Baseball?] (2012). He teaches creative writing at Korea National University of Arts.

Kim Seoryeong (fiction writer; South Korea) has since her debut in 2003 published seven books, including the novels [Titatita] (2010) and [Lalala, on the Bicycle] (2012), and the award–winning story collection [Where Do I Go] (2012).  Her most recent work is the collection of prose [We Need Sundays; 2013]; the novel [Nana] is being serialized in the daily Hankyoreh. She is an editor of the [Quarterly Literature Magazine] and an administrator in the literature division of the Asia Culture Network.