New Geographies in African Art featuring Catherine Hale


September 20, 2012 - 12:00pm


Congregational United Church of Christ

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Iowa City Foreign Relations Council

One of the challenges of curating the so–called non–Western arts in a North American museum space is thinking about how to connect diverse audiences with the unique objects on display and their complex and sometimes unfamiliar histories. Catherine Hale will discuss her integration of GIS technology in her projects at the University of Iowa Museum of Art as well as her fieldwork in Ghana, West Africa, in terms of its potential for cross–cultural connections and education, both local and global. Featuring the University of Iowa Museum of Art Mapping Project, which she is developing through the WorldMap platform, Hale will illustrate how digitally mapping art objects in combination with “layers” of historical, socio–political and environmental data opens up new ways of thinking and encourages inquiry in disciplines ranging from medicine to literature. 

The event will include a lecture, catered luncheon and a Q & A session with the guest speaker.