Faculty Project Advisor Reference Form for Stanley Graduate Award Applicants

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Faculty Information
Please complete the following section

Note:  Students applying for Stanley Awards should not yet have had their dissertation topics/proposals formally approved by the faculty.

Faculty must answer "No" to the question above in order for the application to be considered; doctoral students who have had their dissertation topics/proposals approved should apply for the T. Anne Cleary International Dissertation Research Fellowship Awards from the Graduate College.  Please see the complete Eligibility Criteria on the Stanley website for further information. Please direct any questions regarding specific cases to Karen Wachsmuth prior to submission.

International Programs Stanley Award Human Subjects Research Faculty Project Advisor Form

(Faculty may consult the International Programs webpage regarding IRB Review:  http://international.uiowa.edu/funding/irb-review-steps)

The above student and I have thoroughly discussed his/her research project. I have advised the student of his/her responsibilities. I understand that I, along with the student, am ultimately responsible for compliance with federal and University regulations concerning human subjects research.

Confidential Letter of Recommendation

Please indicate below your reasons for recommending this student for a Stanley Graduate Award. The review committee will value your candid assessment of:

  • the student’s academic accomplishments;
  • the merit and feasibility of the current proposal;
  • the student’s academic, linguistic, cultural, and personal preparation; and
  • his/her promise for future success in an academic or professional career.