Carnaval "Where I'm From" Poem

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Please use the following template based on George Ella Lyon’s “I am From” poem to create a story of your life, family, childhood, and/or ideas about home and community in Iowa City or Iowa, the USA, and beyond. Your story will be included in next year's Carnaval Community Arts project and could be turned into a series of costumes or a float or puppet for our annual Iowa City Carnaval!

You may find it helpful to first read the original version of this poem and see more examples and information at If you have questions, please email

(specific ordinary item from your childhood)
(product name from childhood)
(another item or product).
(adjective that describes the neighborhood description).
(favorite childhood food, sound you remember, what you saw outside your window, what it felt like doing your favorite thing).
(plant, flower, natural item associated with home or family),
(another plant, flower, or natural detail)
(description of natural item).
(city you live in)
(favorite thing to do in the city).
(something you learned in school)
(another thing you learned in school).
(family tradition or recipe)
(family trait),
(name of family member),
(another family name).
(place of birth and family ancestry),
(local food item that is significant to you),
(another local food item).
(specific family story about a specific person)
(detail about that family story about a specific person),
(another detail).
(representation of a belief),
(further description of beliefs),
(element of the USA).
(an element of the world or universe)
(another element of the world or universe).