Application: Stanley Graduate Award for International Research

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PLEASE NOTE: Doctoral students who have had their dissertation proposals formally approved should apply for the T. Anne Cleary International Dissertation Research Fellowships from the Graduate College; they are ineligible for Stanley Awards.

  • All information must be submitted electronically - this includes documentation. We ONLY accept PDF documents. We recommend taking care of your documentation before starting the application.
  • You cannot save the application or fill it out in multiple sessions. Therefore, it is recommended you work on your application in a word processor before using the application form.
  • Once the application is submitted, you may not edit it.
Personal Information
(All official grants-related correspondence will be sent to this address)
Please indicate all institutions you have attended, the dates in which you attended them, degrees received or expected, dates received or expected, and fields of study.
Project Overview
For students combining Study Abroad with research, please fill out the following items.

Students conducting independent research need not fill out this section.

Students wishing to combine Stanley grants with a Study Abroad program:

1.  Students must submit a Cost Sheet from Study Abroad for the specific program in which they are planning to enroll in addition to their budget. Please upload Cost Sheet in Budget/Expenses section below.

2.  Stanley grants do not cover Study Abroad program fees.

3.  Students must clearly and definitively indicate how the Study Abroad program will be related to their Stanley grant. You must show that the time exclusively devoted to your Stanley research or field project must be equivalent to a minimum of 4 weeks. Proposals that do not clearly specify these conditions will not be considered.

Language Preparation
Research Proposal

Please submit a 900-1,000 word (approximately 2 pages) research proposal summarizing your research plans and your reasons for undertaking this research in the chosen country, using the following section headings:

  • Abstract (1-2 paragraph summary)
  • Main research problems/questions
  • Methods/approaches
  • Detailed plan of research in destination county
Personal Profile

Please submit a 400-500 word (approximately one page) narrative profile of yourself as a person. You may choose to include information about your personal history, family background, influences on your intellectual development, the educational and cultural opportunities to which you have been exposed, and the ways in which these experiences have affected you. You should also place your current research in the perspective of your future academic and career goals.

  1. Stanley funding will be disbursed to students as expense reimbursement, not as an award. In order to receive reimbursement for expenses incurred abroad during the grant period, such as transportation, food, housing, etc., students will be required to submit a TEV within two weeks of return from travel to their departmental assistant. Depending on the home department’s policy, you may be able to purchase your airfare in advance using a UI procurement card.
  2. Allowable travel expenses fall into the following categories: transportation, lodging, meals, incidentals.  Transportation includes items such as economy/coach class airfare, airline baggage fees, airport shuttle, taxis, trains, buses, mileage, car rental, gas for rental car, parking and tolls.  Meals can be submitted for reimbursement by providing receipts and/or a meal log.  All expenses other than meals require an original itemized receipt which includes the following information:  date of purchase, item purchased, vendor name, amount paid and method of payment.  For specific requirements, please refer to the UI Travel Manual
  3. NOTE: UI International Health Insurance is required at a cost of $1.15/day.  The University of Iowa mandates international health insurance for all UI students traveling abroad for educational purposes—studying abroad, interning, conducting research, performing a rotation, presenting at a conference, or any other educationally-related activity abroad.  This “blanket” insurance coverage is provided through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).  More information can be found on the following pages:

Attention: Students wishing to combine a Study Abroad Program with a Stanley grant must submit a Cost Sheet below. The Budget/Expenses form must list only expenses specifically related to the Stanley grant.


Please notify Karen Wachsmuth ( in International Programs as you learn of other awards received.

Human Subjects Research Advisor Form

Instructions: This form must be completed by you after conferring with your advisor.  Please see detailed explanation below.

All applicants must confer with their primary UI faculty project advisor concerning the potential need for approval for their research from the University of Iowa Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Subjects Research. You and your advisor will each be required to sign an IP Stanley Award Human Subjects Research Advisor Form stating the advisor’s determination of whether you need to pursue full IRB approval for your project. If your advisor determines that you need IRB approval for your project, then he/she will instruct you about how to proceed.

This is a serious matter, so do not simply ask your advisor to sign his/her form; the project and the need for approval must be thoroughly discussed. Your advisor is ultimately responsible, along with you, for compliance with federal and University regulations concerning human subjects research. Information can be found at the University of Iowa website for IRB.  

Completion of the advisor form is required for a Stanley Award application for IP administrative purposes; completion of the form does not exempt you or your advisor from further IRB communication or action. IP and Academic Programs and Services cannot advise on IRB and HSO matters; this is a departmental and disciplinary consideration.

International Programs Stanley Award Human Subjects Research Advisor Form — student version

As an applicant for the Stanley International Research Award, I hereby certify that I have discussed my research project in its entirety with my UI faculty project advisor concerning the potential need for approval for my research from The University of Iowa Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Subjects Research. I understand that both I and my advisor are ultimately responsible for compliance with federal and University regulations concerning human subjects research.

Faculty Advisor Reference Contact Information

Applicants should contact their Faculty Project Advisor directly to ask for a recommendation.  Faculty Project Advisors should be directed to the Faculty Advisor Reference Form for Stanley Graduate Award Applicants on this website.  Each advisor will need to fill out the complete form, which includes the International Programs Stanley Award Human Subjects Research Advisor Form and a separate letter of recommendation, and submit it online.

Please list the contact information below for the faculty advisor who will serve as your reference. 

IMPORTANT: You alone are responsible for making sure that your advisor submits your Stanley recommendation by the deadline.  Applications submitted without accompanying faculty recommendations will be considered incomplete and will not receive consideration.