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Global@Iowa (CSI:3110) brings together new international and current American students to create a learning environment where all students can be introduced to the issues and experiences of the others. The course will help international students new to the U.S. learn about the transition and adjustment period while becoming familiar with campus and culture in the U.S.

The course will expose American students to the sometimes very different cultural backgrounds and perspectives of international students, and how things may be viewed or handled in the respective cultures of fellow class members. All students will increase their intercultural skills as well as awareness of their own cultural contexts, helping them to be better prepared to function in an internationally diverse campus and future workforce.

Course content will include defining culture and values, cultural self-awareness, building relationships across cultures, perspectives on the UI student experience, communication styles, American diversity, and campus resources. Assignments will include brief reflection papers, significant in-class discussion, and one small group project. Permission to register is required.

For Spring 2015, the class will be held on Friday, 10:30-11:20am, E238 AJB for 15 weeks.

Please email Shuhui Lin ( if you are interested in enrolling in the Spring 2015 semester. 

Application Process

Step 1: Please complete Online Application

Step 2: We will review your application, and contact you for registration of the class. 


For more information, contact:

Shuhui Lin
Student Support and Retention Coordinator