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posted onAug1, 2011

Chinese students are coming to study at the University of Iowa in increasing numbers. In part one of this story, Guannan Huang speaks with some of these students to find out why, and what they think of Iowa City.

By Guannan Huang, Iowa City Patch
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posted onJul29, 2011

By Rob Daniel, The Press-Citizen

Carnivale in Trinidad and other parts of the Caribbean is a mixture of different cultures coming together to celebrate, bringing together elements such as French foxes, Spanish horses and African spiders.

Another part of the party can be a Chinese dragon, which was toward the front of a long parade of children around the Iowa City Public Library and the pedestrian mall and included Luke Becker, 10, of Iowa City, and his sisters, Emma, 9, and Cora, 6.

“I liked ringing the bells on the dragon and shaking around,” Luke said.

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posted onJul22, 2011

Service in the 50-year-old peace agency shapes
volunteers’ lives.

This article is from the July 2011 issue of Spectator.

By Sara Epstein Moninger

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posted onJul18, 2011

By Chastity Dillard, The Daily Iowan

The Rev. Mark Kiyimba was forced to leave his Ugandan home in March for his safety.

The gay-rights activist, now in the United States, stood before a captivated church crowd Sunday morning to discuss Uganda’s gay rights issues.

Though he’s not gay himself, Kiyimba has traveled from church to church across the United States for the last 12 weeks, hoping to raise awareness of a Ugandan anti-homosexuality legislation.

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posted onJul16, 2011

Unprecedented cuts were made by Congress to International Education and Foreign Language Studies for the current fiscal year. While a $50 million reduction may not seem terribly large in the context of a federal budget of more than $3 trillion, this particular cut amounts to a 40% decrease in funding for these areas, affecting U.S. Department of Education programs in particular.

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posted onJul15, 2011

Following a shaky six-year peace agreement, the birth of the Republic of South Sudan is the final stage in the hopes of ending decades of war.

And for University of Iowa student Grace Nyoma, the separation is a welcome change.

“This is the best thing that could of happened for Sudan,” she said.

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posted onJul14, 2011

Each summer, UI International Programs hosts a Global Education Summer Institute for K-12 teachers throughout the State of Iowa. This year’s theme broadly addressed global literacy concepts and the 21st century skills of the Iowa Core Curriculum.

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posted onJul13, 2011

By Brittany Caplin

From fyi, the UI’s faculty and staff newsletter

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posted onJul12, 2011

By Brittany Trevick, The Daily Iowan

University of Iowa graduate student Hao Zhang came to Iowa from China with no furniture to stock his apartment. But after stopping at Faith Baptist Church, he wound up with a desk, a microwave, and much more to furnish his Iowa City apartment.

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posted onJul7, 2011

By Liu Jun, China Daily

After five minutes of practice, my students at the University of Iowa joined their first ever “chopsticks contest”.

As my teaching assistant, Huang Guannan, kept the time with her cell phone, the four members of the first group ran around the desk, trying to transfer as many wadded up tissue-paper balls as possible from one plate to another. The sticks kept falling, but they managed a dozen.

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posted onJun30, 2011

By Ian Stewart, The Daily Iowan

Fewer than 24 hours after he got off a plane from Islamabad, Pakistan, Ben Rogers was sitting on his couch in Cedar Rapids, watching the news of Osama bin Laden’s death unfold.

Rogers’ April trip to Pakistan, as part of an unofficial U.S. State Department-sponsored delegation, was at the heart of his discussion of American-Pakistani relations during a speech to the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council Wednesday.

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posted onJun28, 2011

In this video, Rochelle Liu talks about her study abroad experience in Beijing, China. She was able to connect to her extended Chinese family, fulfill requirements for her Chinese minor, and feed her sense of adventure by zip-lining off the Great Wall of China. Liu advises students to be open minded of other cultures and learn to appreciate your host country’s history and people.

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posted onJun27, 2011

Rev. Mark Kiyimba, the founding minister of the Unitarian-Universalist Church in Kampala, Uganda, will be speaking about the struggle for LGBT rights in Uganda at 6:30 p.m. Monday, July 18, in the Iowa City Public Library Meeting Room A. The event is free and open to the public.

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posted onJun23, 2011


Dave Eggers’ book “Zeitoun” is the 2011 selection for “One Community, One Book,” a project sponsored by the UI Center for Human Rights ( UICHR ) that promotes learning about human rights in the United States and the world through literature.

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posted onJun22, 2011


The Iowa City Foreign Relations Council ( ICFRC ) will welcome Linn County Supervisor Ben Rogers for a talk on the complex relationship between Pakistan and the U.S. at noon Wednesday, June 29, at the Congregational United Church of Christ, 30 N. Clinton Street, Iowa City.

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