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posted onAug2, 2013

Jordyn Reiland, who is spending the summer interning for the China Daily newspaper in Beijing, recounts her final days in China, including a trip to the Great Wall. Although she was neither mentally nor physically prepared for the challenge of climbing the wall, Jordyn describes the feeling of making it to the top and what it meant for her to follow in the footsteps of her great grandparents.

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posted onAug1, 2013

Quinn Hejlik, a UI junior from Omaha, Neb., recently returned from studying abroad in Prague through the USAC program, which offered him an opportunity to learn Czech without any prior knowledge of the language. Quinn’s adventure began when he started learning Czech a week before his study abroad program. He understood that the Eastern European language would be difficult to learn, but he also knew it would be fascinating.

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posted onJul29, 2013

It was during his time at the UI that Duncan Wall became hooked by the circus. Although unimpressed by a traditional circus he had attended growing up in St. Louis, the undergraduate decided to check out a contemporary circus performance while in Paris for a study abroad program.

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posted onJul29, 2013

Summer 2013 turned out to be more exciting than normal for the law school’s study abroad program. Professor Adrien K. Wing fielded several obstacles that prevented students from following their original itinerary, but in the end the new program went through as if it had been planned for months rather than days.

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posted onJul11, 2013

Have you been on a mission trip? Hosted a foreign visitor in your home? Helped someone master the English language – or had them help you learn another? Did you visit another country with your family and make a new friend? Were you part of a semester abroad program? If you have participated in an activity (organized or casual) that helped you meet and interact with people from another part of the world, the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy (USCCD) invites you to enter photographs as part of its photo contest.

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posted onJul2, 2013

With increasing U.S. interest in the Middle East, as well as the importance of on-going political transitions in the region, some University of Iowa (UI) students find the opportunity to learn Arabic and study abroad there irresistible. Here are three UI students and their stories of studying in Morocco.

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posted onJun24, 2013

Drew Craig knows when many people think of the West Bank it evokes thoughts of youth hurling stones and military rocket attacks.

Craig, a 2013 University of Iowa College of Law graduate, conjures very different images.

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posted onJun19, 2013

The University of Iowa has a long history of leadership in the field of child protection. In the 1970s, Dr. Gerald Solomons, the then-director of the Child Abuse Clinic, spearheaded the establishment of a four-state network of child protection training and program development in Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Under his leadership, Iowa drafted and passed its first child protection law in the 1970s – one of the earliest states doing so.

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posted onJun10, 2013

Professor Joann (Jo) Eland, PhD, RN, FAAN, recently found herself back in Trivandrum, India—a city located in the Southern tip of the country—as part of her continuing effort to provide vital end-of-life training to the region.

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posted onJun6, 2013

A new video from UI Admissions highlights the experiences of several international students at the University of Iowa and how they live, learn, work, and play on our campus. The video shows new students what they can expect when coming to Iowa City for their education.

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posted onMay29, 2013

Ron McMullen, a UI alumnus and Iowa native, spent more than 30 years as a diplomat and ambassador, dodging bullets and negotiating delicate deals. He has lived, worked, or traveled in 91 countries, and his experiences are as diverse as the countries where he’s lived. He's met kings and presidents, but has also worked with poor indigenous communities, interviewed thousands of visa applicants, and worked with colleagues in embassies around the world.

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posted onMay2, 2013

UI senior Jeannette George was recently featured in the “Get to Know…” section of Iowa Now, where she talks about her love of education, her busy schedule at the UI, and the biggest risk she’s ever taken – traveling to Uganda for 12 weeks to conduct research about sickle-cell anemia. The nursing and international studies major says her brave decision to go to Uganda definitely paid off.

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posted onMay1, 2013

Phil’s Day 2013 celebrates the many ways philanthropy and private gifts support the university and its programs. Every year, hundreds of students are able to study or conduct research abroad thanks to generous donors. In honor of Phil, check out some of their unique experiences.

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posted onApr30, 2013

Thomas Langer, a senior at the University of Iowa studying International Studies and Human Rights (CLAS), traveled to India last summer to conduct research for his Honors Thesis. While there, he met an unexpected visitor whose personal story of struggle and success moved Thomas beyond words and affirmed his academic ambitions.

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posted onApr23, 2013

FONDAL, HAITI — The little band of American volunteers sat under a tree, panting and sweating from a taste of daily life in the poor rural villages of Haiti. The group, made up mainly of Iowa doctors, nurses and other medical professionals and students, had spent an hour and a half climbing a winding dirt road up a mountain to this remote village. On the way, they’d seen Haitians making the trek while bearing heavy loads of water, fruit, chickens, firewood and homemade charcoal.

When the volunteers finally arrived in town, scores of villagers were already lined up under the hot March sun, waiting for the rare chance to share their health concerns with a doctor. Casey Panko, a University of Iowa nurse helping lead the team, briefed her exhausted colleagues about the ailments they would treat in the small stucco building that would serve as a clinic.

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