Citizen Diplomacy photo contest: You had me at {Hello}

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Making new friends in India

Have you been on a mission trip? Hosted a foreign visitor in your home? Helped someone master the English language – or had them help you learn another? Did you visit another country with your family and make a new friend? Were you part of a semester abroad program?

Playing soccer with children in Ghana

If you have participated in an activity (organized or casual) that helped you meet and interact with people from another part of the world, the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy (USCCD) invites you to enter photographs as part of its photo contest.  

USCCD is an organization committed to increasing cultural ties between U.S. citizens and the rest of the world by promoting and supporting citizen diplomacy activities, both at a local and international level. The contest is part of an online engagement campaign, "You had me at {Hello}", aimed at providing a platform for individuals and organizations to share their stories of engaging globally.

U.S. students learn origami from a Japanese visitor

USCCD is seeking photographs that highlight moments of citizen diplomacy in action – people connecting across different cultures and backgrounds at home or abroad – to promote greater global engagement, understanding and cooperation.

Submitting a photo for the contest is a terrific opportunity to share your experience, inspire others to embark on international adventures, and win prizes. While candid and action shots are encouraged, all photographs that convey the theme "You had me at {Hello}" are welcome. You can find out more about the contest guidelines, prizes, important dates, and how to enter, by visiting the USCCD's website here.

Learning from the locals in Tanzania

Whether you're entering a photograph or not, join the conversation on Facebook here and share your experience of saying Hello to the World.

Photos may be submitted by an individual or on behalf of an organization. Individuals and organizations are allowed to enter a maximum of five photographs each.

The photo contest is open until August 9. You can contact USCCD here with questions about the contest.

This contest is not sponsored by International Programs or the University of Iowa, but we support USCCD's efforts to advance citizen diplomacy and encourage contest participation by students, staff, faculty, and community members.