Ambassador comes home

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UI alum shares three decades of diplomatic experience with students

By Lois Gray for Iowa Now

Ron McMullen shares treats with children after a hike and picnic in Eritrea.

Ron McMullen, a UI alumnus and Iowa native, spent more than 30 years as a diplomat and ambassador, dodging bullets and negotiating delicate deals. He has lived, worked, or traveled in 91 countries, and his experiences are as diverse as the countries where he’s lived. He's met kings and presidents, but has also worked with poor indigenous communities, interviewed thousands of visa applicants, and worked with colleagues in embassies around the world.

McMullen, who is part of the Political Science Department in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and International Programs through the UI Office of the Provost, has come back to the campus where his international roots were planted to share his experiences with students.

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