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posted onMar4, 2013

In interviews with 40 international students at four research universities, Chris R. Glass was struck by the relative absence of Americans from his subjects' stories. The interviewees, half undergraduate and half graduate students, described close relationships with their international peers, including those coming from countries other than their own. But while they frequently characterized their American classmates as friendly or helpful, only rarely did they seem to play a significant role in their lives.

"Only one student has described a significant relationship with a U.S. peer and that student was from Western Europe and that peer was her boyfriend," said Glass, an assistant professor of educational foundations and leadership at Old Dominion University. "That to me is a striking omission from the stories that they're telling."

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posted onMar4, 2013

The UI African Studies Program is holding a public lecture, featuring Ruramisai Charumbira of the University of Texas-Austin, on the topic “Black Colony, White Memory: The Price of Commemorating Occupation in Rhodesia, 1890-1980.” The presentation will be held Monday, March 11, from 4-5:30 p.m. in Room 2520D, University Capitol Centre.

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posted onFeb27, 2013

Chinese students at the University of Iowa may be used to hearing their names rendered into unrecognizable sounds by linguistically challenged faculty but it probably doesn't help them adjust to life in Iowa.

That's why the Tippie College of Business has begun offering a variety of programs focused on bridging the cultures, including a recent workshop to teach faculty and staff how to properly pronounce Chinese names. And not a moment too soon. This year, Tippie has 497 international students, 15 times more than the 34 international students enrolled in 2005; 412 of them are from China.

The workshops were attended by about 50 faculty, staff, and administrators and were conducted by Xi Ma, a program associate in the UI Confucius Institute in International Programs.

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posted onFeb25, 2013

In an upcoming lecture, Antoni Castells-Talens, a researcher at Universidad Veracruzana, will explore how Veracruz's community media were forced to learn new ways to operate in this violent atmosphere. His presentation, “Community media and armed violence in Mexico: Challenges and dilemmas in the State of Veracruz,” will take place Tuesday, March 5, from 4-5 p.m. in 203 Becker Communication Studies Building.

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posted onFeb14, 2013

Name: Guilherme B. Prudente
Home country: Brazil
Currently attending: University of Iowa
Major: Computer science
Career aspirations: Game/App Developer
Graduation year: 2013

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posted onJan24, 2013

When Lisa Thai started her freshman year at the University of Iowa last fall, she had no intentions of joining any of the sororities on campus. It was not until a friend, UI junior Vanessa Au, approached her about starting a chapter of the Asian interest sorority Delta Phi Lambda that Thai reconsidered.

Thai, Au and five other women founded the UI colony chapter of Delta Phi Lambda on Nov. 18, 2012. Au currently serves as the chapter’s president, and Thai is the vice president of records.

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posted onJan4, 2013

The Mississippi River, which holds such an important place in North America’s geography, ecology, and culture, is also helping build bridges between the United States and China.

Last summer, the Lucille A. Carver Mississippi Riverside Environmental Research Station (LACMRERS) welcomed some of China’s finest high school students, who came to learn about the Mississippi River. The students spent 18 days visiting three states as part of “Rivers as Bridges,” an international exchange program sponsored by Environment and Public Health Network for Chinese Students and Scholar

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posted onDec13, 2012

An ocean stretches between China and the United States. But between Chinese and American University of Iowa students looms just as difficult a barrier to cross — one constructed of language and culture.

The Chinese students make up the largest international student population on campus. UI President Sally Mason traveled to Asia this summer to strengthen the relationship and recruiting efforts between the UI and China. But after the students arrive on campus, making a home in the unfamiliar setting of Iowa City presents a complex set of social challenges.

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posted onDec5, 2012

Want to study abroad in Europe next summer? Check out the Iowa International Summer Institute, which will offer UI GenEd classes in Rome, Paris, Florence, Madrid, and London in summer 2013. In this video, three past participants share their unique experiences.

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posted onDec4, 2012

What do the University of Iowa’s 1,245 Chinese students, Whirlpool appliances from Middle Amana, Johnson County’s cornfields, Kirkwood’s STEM outreach and West Liberty’s Dual Language Programs have in common?

They represent some of Iowa’s considerable assets in the world-wide competition for growth and prosperity. Thanks to advances in communication and transportation, globalization means that Iowa is more connected to and affected by world events than ever before.

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posted onDec3, 2012

The U.S. government is making it much simpler for colleges and universities to understand why international students attend their institutions. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is simplifying the distribution of degree and English language I-20 forms international students receive from universities following their admission.

With guidance from the program, some universities will face less confusion, but University of Iowa officials see the university as already being conscientious when admitting international students.

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posted onNov30, 2012

Frances Barnes recalls the profound culture shock she experienced when she first arrived in Iowa three years ago.

“I had never been to the Midwest before and wasn’t prepared for how different everything was,” says the 33-year-old College of Education Rehabilitation and Counselor Education doctoral student from North Carolina. “And I mean everything—the weather, the landscape, the culture, and not seeing as many people who looked like me.”

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posted onNov29, 2012

Lee Seedorff is the senior associate director of the University of Iowa’s International Student and Scholar Services, a school with over 3,500 international students. Jane Duo, a Chinese student at the University of Iowa, wanted to find out how an international advisor like Lee communicates with her many charges and what challenges she encounters in working with foreign students.

Lee said the University of Iowa begins talking with international students before they even arrive on campus, offering pre-arrival checklists to prepare students for what they need to know to come to America, and then continuing with orientations and special programs to help international students navigate their life in the U.S. So after all that communication experience, what does an international student advisor have to say about communicating with international students?

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posted onNov18, 2012

The number of international students enrolled at the University of Iowa hit an all-time high this fall, and the increase from last year was more than double the national rate. There are 3,571 international students at UI, up 14 percent from the 2011-2012 academic year, in which there were 3,130 international students.

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posted onNov15, 2012

More international students are going to college in the U.S. than ever before, and many of them are traveling from the other side of the globe to come to the corridor.

The University of Iowa offers opportunity for native Iowans, but U of I officials are tapping into a growing Chinese market full of students eager to student in the U.S. Five years ago, the University of Iowa welcomed around 400 new international undergrads; this fall that number jumped to well over 2,000.

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