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posted onOct3, 2013

Recently, I watched a friend’s parent arrive on campus to help him move from one apartment to another. The scene made me recall my former life with my own parents, my family, and my hometown, Xi’an, China. It has been three years since I moved away from my home. Before I turned 18 years old, I never lived away from my family — my school was a mere five-minute drive from my home.

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posted onSep26, 2013

Recently, I got a phone call from one of my best friends since high school. She lives in China and attends university in Beijing. After our chat, I started thinking about the differences between college life for a Chinese student here and in China. As an international student, I love my life in Iowa City and the American opportunities I have to experience. Still, I embrace my Chinese roots.

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posted onSep19, 2013

In China, we order our dormitory food rather than choosing different kinds of food from a buffet. So American dormitory food is definitely more complex than Chinese. But the type of food is limited because only American options are available. I think it is better to add more types of food to the buffet, because more international students are coming here. Now, I’ve been here for three years and love everything about Iowa. But I am still on the journey to find different types of American food to eat.

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posted onSep12, 2013

Some party hosts like the American music — such as the Billboard Top 100. Others like Chinese pop music. Only one thing is missing from these parties — more American students to play with us. It would bring our cultures together; they could bring their games to us, and we could show them our Mahjong, and we could learn from each other.

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posted onSep10, 2013

Sydney Johnson, a Des Moines native, was determined to study abroad while at the UI. She chose a small Italian town off the beaten path to hone her language skills. Students who have recently studied abroad, including Johnson, will be on hand to answer questions at the fall Study Abroad Fair Sept. 17.

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posted onAug2, 2013

Jordyn Reiland, who is spending the summer interning for the China Daily newspaper in Beijing, recounts her final days in China, including a trip to the Great Wall. Although she was neither mentally nor physically prepared for the challenge of climbing the wall, Jordyn describes the feeling of making it to the top and what it meant for her to follow in the footsteps of her great grandparents.

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posted onJul29, 2013

Summer 2013 turned out to be more exciting than normal for the law school’s study abroad program. Professor Adrien K. Wing fielded several obstacles that prevented students from following their original itinerary, but in the end the new program went through as if it had been planned for months rather than days.

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posted onJun19, 2013

The University of Iowa has a long history of leadership in the field of child protection. In the 1970s, Dr. Gerald Solomons, the then-director of the Child Abuse Clinic, spearheaded the establishment of a four-state network of child protection training and program development in Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Under his leadership, Iowa drafted and passed its first child protection law in the 1970s – one of the earliest states doing so.

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posted onJun6, 2013

A new video from UI Admissions highlights the experiences of several international students at the University of Iowa and how they live, learn, work, and play on our campus. The video shows new students what they can expect when coming to Iowa City for their education.

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posted onMay2, 2013

I met my patient whom I will call “Luna” about three years ago. She identified as a transwoman and had transitioned about 10 years earlier — after living most of her adult life identifying as a man, having been married and raising now adult sons and daughters. I feel it necessary to describe my initial sense of discomfort.

Having practiced medicine for more than 30 years, I have met patients from a multitude of backgrounds and nationalities. I enjoy a collaborative practice with my patients, and I love to incorporate their philosophical and cultural beliefs into their health care. Yet, I felt uncomfortable caring for her.

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posted onApr22, 2013

As part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the sister-state relationship between Iowa and Hebei, and in recognition of the significant and growing economic ties between Iowa and China, Governor Terry Branstad led a delegation of business, community, and educational leaders to China this past week. In addition to Governor Branstad and Ms. Debi Durham, Director of the Iowa Economic Development Authority, members of the delegation represented interests as diverse as agriculture, law, manufacturing, and higher education. A large group from the Iowa Sister States non-profit was also present, on their first trip abroad as a group, to mark the 30th anniversary of the relationship.

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posted onMar25, 2013

My grandma, Youa Lee, an old Hmong woman who traveled from the mountains of Laos, through the refugee camps of Thailand, to the hot fields of California and the cold factories of Minnesota, was 93 when she died. My grandma was a refugee from America’s Secret War in Laos. A widow with nine children, she raised seven sons into men and two daughters into women. She would become the root of a tree that carries the fruit of more than 300 descendants.

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posted onMar7, 2013

In October 1833, a book purporting to be the autobiography of the famous Sauk and Fox leader, Black Hawk, appeared in Cincinnati. In the 1830s, Euro-Americans were clamoring for “Indian stories,” and this volume of recollections by the principal warrior in what became known as the Black Hawk War — whose final battle was pitched on the Mississippi River between Iowa and Illinois — was an instant sensation.

Although some contemporary reviewers dismissed the book as the fabrication of Antoine Le Claire, the biracial (French-Canadian/Potawatomi) founder of Davenport, others continued to believe in its authenticity, their views bolstered by the undeniable fact that in the 1830s there were many books written and published by Native Americans — books recounting Native writers’ objections to the Jackson administration’s policy of removal, the erosion of their treaty rights, or often simply their life stories.

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posted onFeb14, 2013

Name: Guilherme B. Prudente
Home country: Brazil
Currently attending: University of Iowa
Major: Computer science
Career aspirations: Game/App Developer
Graduation year: 2013

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posted onFeb4, 2013

One of my referees (based at Yale) told me candidly that I should not be disappointed by a rejection, for no one he had recommended had ever been accepted. When the letter came from the College, it was in a thin envelope. My heart sank, for thin envelopes rarely contain good news. To my surprise, this one did. From the dean of visiting fellows, the letter began with the words "I am pleased to invite you...." And to my delight, the invitation was for not one, not two, but three Oxford terms -- a full academic year.

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