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posted onApr10, 2014
A girl stretches with her feet out in front of her on the grass

In her third entry, Study Abroad blogger Haley Church reflects on her decision to run a half-marathon in Botswana and how the adventurous but challenging experience mirrors her study abroad journey so far.

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posted onApr9, 2014
A class photo

Students who participated in the course “Health Sciences and Rehabilitation Medicine in India” during the 2013-2014 India Winterim study abroad program share their reflections on the course and their experiences abroad.

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posted onApr2, 2014
Haley Church stands at the top of a cliff

In her second entry, Study Abroad blogger Haley Church shares her thoughts on her spring break travels through three countries in southern Africa; Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.

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posted onMar24, 2014
Resmiye Oral

It has become clearer to the medical community over recent decades that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have a significant impact on child health and also adult physical, emotional, social and behavioral health. But what are adverse childhood experiences?

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posted onMar21, 2014
Amy Hanson and a women from an India orphanage

"The exposure to the medical world that I received in India was unbelievable. It was like learning a foreign language: I do not think anyone could truly learn what I learned from a textbook or a lecture series."

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posted onFeb26, 2014
Haley Church puts up a tent

Study Abroad blogger Haley Church shares her first impressions of life in Botswana. "Being here in Botswana has truly been the experience of a lifetime. I am changing in ways I didn’t know were possible and experiencing things that were formerly reserved for the Discovery Channel."

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posted onFeb20, 2014

I remember the first time I needed to pay an additional fee for a checked bag on the airplane. I was on a return flight to Iowa City when I was asked to pay $25 for my checked baggage. In China, this had never happened to me before, and the experience reminded me of the many differences between Chinese and American transportation.

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posted onFeb19, 2014
Steve Ungar

The upcoming Oscars are a reminder that whether you call them movies, films or cinema, motion pictures have always been a mix of industry and art. This week, Iowa Citians have a unique opportunity to see a documentary whose focus is a recent test-case of conditions affecting free speech in contemporary China.

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posted onFeb17, 2014

Pictures of a Maserati car in town have been widely posted on social media platforms. People bet the owner is Asian, and that could be true. In Iowa City, it has become a phenomenon, if not a fact, that the drivers of those Mercedes, BMW and Audi luxury cars are mostly international students from Asia — mainly from China — currently, more than half of the international students enrolled at the UI are from Mainland China.

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posted onFeb13, 2014

The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, allows both the country I’m from (China) and the country I currently live in (United States) to compete against each other in many different sports. But outside of this event, I have learned from personal experience the differences between Chinese and American sports.

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posted onFeb10, 2014

This except is from the blog of Christopher Roy as he recounts his journey through South Africa.

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posted onFeb6, 2014

Before I came to the United States, I hadn't experienced the freezing cold temperatures as I recently have at Iowa. When I go outside, I have to wear three tops, three trousers, and even very thick socks to make sure I stay warm. During my three and a half years here, I've gradually become comfortable with the severe weather conditions. But in China, the weather is completely different, so it's taken a lot to get used to Iowa.

Keywords: China, Siqi Wang, weather
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posted onJan30, 2014

The Chinese New Year is the most important Chinese holiday. The exact date depends on the traditional Chinese calendar — the Lunar Calendar, Nong Li — which was set by the 24 Solar Terms. These Terms help farmers know when it is best to plant their corps. The Chinese New Year is also called Spring Festival or Lunar New Year.

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posted onJan23, 2014

This winter break, I was able to change some of my original opinions about the United States through a month of traveling. I had the chance to visit many places on the East Coast and spend time with my friends. First, Christmas was not what I imagined. I found there was almost no one on the streets, and it was even difficult to find an open restaurant, bar, or anywhere to stay during the night.

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posted onJan21, 2014

What would it be like to have an indelible memory, so that every detail of existence was instantly inscribed in the brain? Imagine being able to remember every day of your life, every dream, every slight, every spoken word. Cultural memory is the intriguing subject of Friday night’s WorldCanvass program at the University of Iowa. Join us at 5 p.m. Friday in the Senate Chamber of Old Capitol Museum.

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