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posted onJul24, 2014

I have never felt as though I belonged in Iowa — there was always a part of me that felt I needed to be elsewhere, be someone else. Last month, my dream of studying abroad came true in Madrid, Spain. Sangria, siestas, and sunshine were on the horizon.

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posted onFeb10, 2014

This except is from the blog of Christopher Roy as he recounts his journey through South Africa.

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posted onAug24, 2012

Season four of International Programs’ WorldCanvass series begins on Friday, Sept. 21, with a critical look at the life, times, triumphs, and defeats of one of the major figures in European history, Napoleon Bonaparte. Hosted by Joan Kjaer, WorldCanvass explores international topics through lively conversation between scholars and community experts. The program is produced in the Senate Chamber of the Old Capitol Museum one Friday a month from 5-7 p.m., and is distributed widely through television, radio and iTunes. No tickets are required and the public is invited to attend.

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