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posted onMay9, 2014

In her final blog for Study Abroad, Haley Church reflects on three of her favorite aspects of life in Botswana and the top three things she is looking forward to doing when she gets back home!

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posted onApr10, 2014
A girl stretches with her feet out in front of her on the grass

In her third entry, Study Abroad blogger Haley Church reflects on her decision to run a half-marathon in Botswana and how the adventurous but challenging experience mirrors her study abroad journey so far.

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posted onApr2, 2014
Haley Church stands at the top of a cliff

In her second entry, Study Abroad blogger Haley Church shares her thoughts on her spring break travels through three countries in southern Africa; Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.

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posted onFeb26, 2014
Haley Church puts up a tent

Study Abroad blogger Haley Church shares her first impressions of life in Botswana. "Being here in Botswana has truly been the experience of a lifetime. I am changing in ways I didn’t know were possible and experiencing things that were formerly reserved for the Discovery Channel."

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