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posted onJul22, 2014

The University of Iowa will host a Business Japanese Workshop for Japanese language teachers on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 23-24, led by Motoko Tabuse, professor of world languages from Eastern Michigan University.

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posted onJul28, 2012

I wake with a start at 7:00 AM to the sound of the Chinese National Anthem through my window. Somehow its melodies seem too grand for a daily occurrence. Nevertheless, it plays faithfully over the school’s loudspeakers every morning; waking me like some patriot’s alarm clock. I lay in my bed, motivating my body to move while the children of Liewu Public Middle School stand to attention on the other side of the thin wall that separates my apartment building from the school courtyard...

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posted onJul31, 2009

For the past 15 years, Chuanren Ke has built a resume at the University of Iowa that many professionals would envy – initiating and directing UI Institutes, chairing a UI department, and many years of teaching and researching. Though Ke could boast about his success, he said he does it all for one reason – to educate Iowans about China.

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